Weapon Upgrade + Boss Phase (just a bunch of dumb ideas, don't read)

I think upgrade weapon will be cooler if upgraded weapon instead just increase weapon power level at same as collecting firepower when entering a mission, it also increase range, power, bullet speed and rate of fire and it will build up power it collecting fire power of the same weapon that the player had before (this part maybe not?) (also please make upgraded heat sink cool down faster and be able to shoot longer, sorry if it wrong bacause i don’t see any difference when i upgraded my Copper Heat Sink to max or buy a new heat sink)
The second one is about boss have multiple phase, meaning that after certain time or damage dealt to them, the boss will change phase and become stronger (or weaker), and attack differently, faster, shoot more and faster projectile, etc.
Boss will have more phase in higher of longer level
P.S: please make It Getting Cold In Space boss appear a bit more frequently in frozen planet and less in other planet, especially hot planet
P.S 2: please add purchasable chicken, boss, weapon and ship skin in Galatic Store, it will make the game more unique
P.S 3: sorry if my english is bad

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Heat sinks increase the heat capacity. Making them cool down more quickly would make a lot of weapons unable to overheat at all.
As for upgrading doing more than just increasing starting firepower, that would complicate balancing even more, it’s already hard enough to balance the game as-is.


I think they meant the cooldown after overheating

“Be able to shoot longer”?

He means this must generate heat so slowly and cools down fast without overheating, which makes the lower heat sinks completely useless for new players.

They said they upgraded their Copper Heat Sink, no wonder they’re not seeing much difference

Well, I’m not sure what to make out of this, but it probably means they did try better heat sinks.

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Yeah, but you don’t really feel the difference until Cubic Boron Arsenide


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