Weapon idea: Gamma Ray Gun

so, since my few topics has been uninterested, i present you the Gamma Ray Gun, one of my very own creations for this game, some of you guys been asking me to think even bigger than something upgraded; so hence my OWN weapon.

Colour: blue. at power level 1-15. at power lvl 20 the color changes to dark orange. Unfortunately.i do not have a photo so i will write to demonstrate my idea.

How it Works? simple. the Gamma Ray Gun fires from the tip of you ship but as it levels up via firepower the fire rate will get bigger and Lasers will appear at each level. at (power 1) there will be a small laser but the fire rate would be weak. but as it levels up more lasers would appear and the power would be better. the present colour would be Lime Green and yellow ribbons.

can auto locks on enemies
deals more damage than any other weapons
fast fire rate.

overheats quickly
manual fire isnt better.

finally its strengths is against:
Military Chicken
Planetary Egg City
Chicken Multiplicity.

Mother-Hen Ship
Iron Chef. May The Forks…ah you know what i mean. LOL

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Chicken multiplicity is its strength? What,every chicken in that boss fight would be weak against this weapon?

that’s correct. as I said, it can auto lock any enemies so it can be easy to handle. however there are some advantages and disadvantages.

Sounds like a Laser Cannon (damage, multiple lasers, o v e r h e a t) & Positron Stream (autolock, fast automatic firerate) mix, but that’s not necessarily bad. Its name is too similar to the Neutron Gun though.


i know i thought it would be ok.

so, the advantages and disadvantages, the advantages is that its fire rate will increase by this; say if this the weapon was a starting weapon:
Level 0-1.5%
Level 1-1.10%
Level 2 1.15% etc.

Level 20(Max Power)-9.0015%
the fire rate (with each firepower) will multiply by 5.
another advantage is that by automatic power it could overheat faster but it will also cool down faster or in other words maybe after firing you could add a reloading system to make things quicker but better.

Disadvantages: using this against waves could also be stronger but sometimes bosses that were in the previous episode could be weak so I would suggest using it against the Henperor ( or whoever will be the final boss) or other bosses that you have fought in the past. however, it could be spawned either as a starting weapon or as a present no matter what it could appear I would still be happy.

I agree with @EmeraldPlay its kind of a mix with the two but its what I came up witn.

I don’t really get what you’re saying here. If the fire rate would get a 5x multiplier per powerup, it would shoot 9,765,625 times faster per 10 firepower levels.

Ummm…I’m not ſure what he’s getting at either, but I really don’t underſtand where you got f(x) = 5^x. Would both of you pleaſe explain?

The fire rate will multiply by 5 with each firepower -> 5^x

No, I underſtand that; what I don’t underſtand is where you got

Although now that I reread @CheromeTheChicken123’s poſt I ſee you got it from him.

My queſtion now is much the ſame as yours: What the [inſert whatever you’d like here] does this mean?!

First off. I have been crunching numbers I realised I made a huge mistake. 20x5=100. what I was trying to say was the power would multiply by five, once the max power is full the power number is 100%. so @cook1ee and @Traveller I apologise for that percentage problem. this is the NEW fire ratings:
Level 1= 5% of firepower
Level 2=10% of firepower and so on………
therefore I would also like to clarify some things:
Ultron is short for Ultimate Neutron.

This is NOT a rework for neutron gun. and lastly if the fire rate would be quicker maybe if the firing lasers were LESS big and more shorter what would you guys thinks?

The firepower makes ſenſe, but it is important to note that the jump from 10 to 20 is a full 50%.
The name definitely needs to be changed.
I ſtill don’t quite get what this weapon would look like; would you pleaſe explain further?

absolutely, the Gamma Ray Gun’s Color will be blue at first but however one at maximum power the color will change to a dark orange color. (it is a similar changing behavior to the Photon Swarm but different) the firing will look like a-small-kind of-like-a-rocket kind of bullet lasers but as in a way. when it fires, the fire shots will be similar behavior to the Utensil Poker. first two shots will be 4 bullet lasers then the next will be 2 bullets together. the more power, the more shots will be fired. simple as that.