๐Ÿ“Š Weapon data spreadsheet

Apologies for the bump, but the file needs to be updated.


Update the test file, we need it for more balancing.
also is there somewhere a good ranking of all weapons?

The excel file would help with that, if it was up to date.

How to use it

Wait nvm

File updated.


File updated. New in v.105:


Key Value Comment
accumulator.chargerate.quadraticfactor 200% How much the charge rate will speed up as charge increases (non-linear charging). A value of 100% means that the finishing rate is double the starting rate.
accumulator.chargerate.timebased 1/30 How much the charge increases automatically, simply by time passing. A formula of 1/t means that it will take t seconds to fully charge on its own (excluding effect of quadratic factor above)
accumulator.chargerate.deathbased 1/25 How much the charge increases with each kill. A formula of 1/k means that it will take k kills to fully charge (excluding effect of quadratic factor above)
accumulator.dischargerate 1/8 How fast it discharges when used. A formula of 1/t means that it will take t seconds to fully discharge
accumulator.chargesuspendtime 1 second For how long charging will be suspended after using.

on an unrelated note ia has like decades of coding experience, makes his own game engines and writes code so proficiently that it is incredibly hard for others to understand or add to without undermining it

all this to make a game about shooting intergalactic chickens with pew pew guns

i like it


let me test the weapon version v105


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I donโ€™t understand, what do you mean?

You mean test the weapon data spreadsheet v105 ?

Can you make me hack to shoot fast?

@BlackyCubus I mean try the super fast hack I want to try the v105 version

You can buy Accumulator in galaxies store but read the description

Click icon store swipe down or A-Z find name boosters and choose Accumulator

And please this is only English the forum

What you want the Link?

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You mean my Chennal ooooooh