Wave Insight?

Why hide waves from player? I don’t think it’s good to hide wave list from player. Waves are not anything mysterious. If they are not for puzzles and it’s easy to tell their info, the game should show them for each mission, so player can choose which mission they want to fight. I don’t want to play through a mission to know what waves it has, and i don’t want to note down what waves it has so i don’t have to fly missions i don’t want again 1 hour later. Please understand the frustration and I think it’s totally natural for any game to show what kind of challenge they are dealing with.

Uh huh. Please tell me at least 15 games that have this function of showing waves and units stuff.

The thing is, you don’t have to note down every wave, just the hard ones so you can pick your equipment to finish them. The Wave Insight is actually a good thing to have if you’re ‘recon-ing’ a mission so you know what waves to prepare for beforehand. Removing this would just mean that the game would be a cakewalk and we’d also lose a good money sink if and ever a trading system is implemented. In short, NO.

Isn’t it pretty straightforward? Move with arrow keys, and fire with space. Keep to the bottom of the screen unless there’s a danger zone to keep away from. You win when there are no chickens in the screen. Why would you need to know the formation?


Weapon choice, superweapon choice, stuff like that kinda requires knowing what you’ll encounter. It’s not a huge thing in normal missions, but in the non-replayable dailies…


I’m only talking about normal mission. I don’t play competition and they are different yes so i just want it adds to normal mission

guys imagine i want to make a video that features only pulsating grids’ variances. How am i supposed to do it? spend hours play through missions to find the wave? why i have to do it it’s stupid

That’s exactly what you got to do.

Because this way you don’t know what is waiting for you and you can’t prepare for that too much. This way all the randomly generated missions can at least try being fresh to players.

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Thanks that’s clear answer what am i expecting iA lost another player

Isn’t the interesting part of a game is when you don’t really know what’s coming?


then don’t buy wave insight? why iA sell them anyway?

I suppose it can be considered as an Early Access feature for debugging and stuff … but what are the odds of a mission having only Pulsating Grid? Even if you knew what waves were coming, you still would have to go through each mission manually. Plus waves never repeat so at best you’re only going to have two consecutive Pulsating Grids.

It’s already in the game, what’s the point if this topic at all?


come on my english is not that bad


Ask your squadron leader if they found a specific wave, assign it to you.

What the f**k did the topic become.

Alright, life lesson. If things are hard, deal with it instead of being pampered and having everything convenient. The fun part is not knowing what will happen. If that’s overwhelming, buy the insight. It’s not that hard/expensive.

Who said that.

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