Wave idea: Roman Numerals

The chickens form the Roman numerals shapes and approach from above down. This can be divided into 2 smaller waves:
+) In the first wave, the chickens form I, V and X:
+) After clearing the first wave, in the second wave, the chickens form L, C, D and M:

The total number of chickens would be (9 + 13 + 9) + (6 + 8 + 10 + 17) = 72. Difficulties can vary by the types / breeds of chickens involved.

Hate to bother you, but those aren’t valid Roman numbers. Maybe they could be randomized, as the numbers in Single Digits?


I know they aren’t but I tried to group them. Thanks for your suggestion, I think that’s should be better. Maybe each Roman character could approache from the side in order I, V, X, L, C, D, M (or random should be fine) and the spaceship is tilted to the opposite face, just like the Single Digits wave. If so, the amount of chickens forming the numbers should be many more.

I suggest the formations below:

The total number of chickens would be 36 + 34 + 36 + 30 + 44 + 50 + 58 = 288


This sounds good, tbh. Congrats for the epic idea :wink:

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Do you all enjoy this idea?

  • Yes, it is perfect
  • It should be modified a little more
  • No, this sucks

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If you voted for the second option (It should be modified a little more), can you suggest me why and how?

So far I’ve got 12 votes (6 demand modifications, 4 find it perfect and 2 think it sucks). Is this a good result? What should I do next?

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I would say do what the highest result say.


Indeed, but you guys please show me what modifications you want to improve it. I can’t just randomly edit it and ask again

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Well, not all numbers must be used in a wave. 3 random numbers (about 100 chickens) is enough, right?

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@InterAction_studios please consider my wave idea, I think the poll result was promising.

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Unfortunately IA only do wave frenzies once a year. you need to wait for the next one so he can think of yours.
I think this is enough time for you to put more waves in your mind. go ahead for that.


Thanks for your encouragement. I’m looking forward to present my next compilation of wave ideas in the future.


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