Wave idea: Chicken Triquetra

Hi, this is a wave idea:

Wave Name: Triquetra


  • A danger zome in the middle, two anomaly zones on the sides.
  • A fixed set of chickens moving around, form a triquetra. A bomb in the middle.
  • A ring of indestrictuble pulsing ring of barrier orbits and shield the chickens. A bomb barrier to remove the barriers.
  • Two (or more) Gatling/Laser Chicks orbit the barriers.

The barriers and the triquetra appear 2 extra times, the gatlings have no extra time.

Available at Difficulty: 40%+
The harder the mission, the faster the barriers and the gatlings. Triquetra always have the same speed.

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Bomb barriers exist?

But I like the idea. Inverse of the “Trapped” level where you have to break out of a set of rings.

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