War Chest

Suggest to use gold bullion collected to start a WAR CHEST for the gold bullion collected . Could only be used when 10,000 pces collected and only for upgrading or collecting more craft for ones fleet.
not for food or key add-ons…also could be suprize gifts when collected a certain amount …random prizes…


Well it’s a good idea!

Please elaborate. The idea is too vague to be understood properly.

How do you get Gold Bullions, and do they have any other use? What are the “Surprise Gifts” in particular? Why do you think the game needs lootboxes?


Well I tried making it easier to understand and added some of my ideas to it: This specific War Chest is some sort of Squadron monthly challenge that lasts a week. And your squadron needs to do as many assignments as possible to get these “gold bullions”
no idea what the fricc they mean and after collecting enough of them, the War Chest will level up,
(Maximum of 10 levels) and contain rewards such as: superweapons, keys, food, weapons. Weapons only get the chance to drop at level 5, if a weapon drops but you have it already, it will be converted to 1 power level. If that weapon is maxed out and you get a duplicate, it will be converted to keys instead: 350-400
And the War Chest is only openable after the “war week” passes. You’ll then have another week to open the chest before the next war starts, in which case it is completely gone.

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I thought since the IU doesn’t have a prize or idea for the gold coins we collect other than
adding points to score… they could establish a WAR CHEST using not the points value but one bullion or point for small ,3 for large…after a certain time frame or total achieved a prize could be awarded…

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like these thoughts…

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