Vulcan Chaingun - Recolored gift poll

In my opinion the actual gift is good so I propouse a poll

Te color of the gift for the Vulcan Chaingun should be?

  • blue/white.
  • blue/red

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What is the point of this topic anyway when the vulcan chaingun gift will be recolored to blue/white no matter the choices? Or is it about opinions?

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i kinda dislike the new vulcan gift because it unfitting and can be mixed up with other gifts , the old one look better in my opion


In my opinion, the old one is better, because if I wasn’t color blind I couldn’t recognize it

PS. You’re the best CIU player, Gaby


I prefer the old one, it’s better

I actually preferred the old one, the new one ain’t that good to me.

Sometimes the Red/Blue Gifts seems like the gift of Photon Swarm, so, i prefer the old desing

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The old one looks better than new one because the new one makes me think it’s absolver beam gift

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It’s good if its gift is purple and blue.


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