Vote Item Chicken Hunter License For free?

If you want Vote say “yes” or “no”

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it was never meant to be free (outside of testing purposes) to begin with


Polls exist

(this is a poll).
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  • No

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  1. Make a poll
  2. If it was free why the missions and other things should need CHL?

Check In What’s this?
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You need to read it carefully:

I can’t understand why it’s too hard for you (some) guys to pay just 6.99 euros? It doesn’t seem to be too much, correct? You pay only-once and you’ll have all the features FOREVER! It’s not a monthly plan or something like that. IA already made most things free.

Also, all of us need bucks to be alive, even he, so never ask it again.


Mildly insensitive for people who live in places screwed over by absurd exchange ratios, but yes I agree with your post. However, asking people “why is it too hard for you to pay” is a bit insensitive imo. Not everyone can pay, for a multitude of reasons. HOWEVER, it’s also stupid to expect somehting like CHL to be free.


Yes, but the price doesn’t seem to be much and you do it only once. Nevermind, corrected my post.

That really varies form country to country.


And they should keep in mind that IA already made most things free. They’re not limited so much.

You mean: “the game doesn’t have enough content for the lack of a license to be a constraint”?

Didn’t understand your mean.

I meant that the game really doesn’t have enough content to gate some behind a license.

16 people cast their vote, only one voted “yes”. The “all” seems a bit redundant.


Of course I didn’t mean so. But if they really need something special, they can buy.

Anyway, Some people want everything free and don’t really care about others.

I was a bit mad, because of seeing something like those posts multiple times. I apologize :pray:

The only real benefit is customization. Otherwise it’s kinda ehhh. Besides, I do think seven euros should unlock more missions than just “bosses but there are two of them”. As for equipment, they’re all available anyway, you just pay more keys.


but actually I haven’t any PayPal and credit card. I have to buy but I can’t. :sob:

Yes. Once players want to hack key by using cheat engine.

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Yes, licenses should be free, and iA shouldn’t need to eat food to live.


If u have PayPal account then why U don’t want to buy?

There isn’t any requirement that “you have to buy”. You won’t be missing much anyway.

I find paying for them to be even more repulsive.