Voice chat in multiplayer

I think it would be sick you could use your mic to talk to people in multiplayer, because there’s not enough time to type messages between waves and stuff


The current setup is fine, and if you want to voice chat you could ask their discord tag and try to voice chat with them using Discord as a third-party app, or others. Random speech might not result in well-behaved attitude, so your “sick” might become a real sickness

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social media existed


Discord Existed

Yes it would be funny if you and 20 people had vc in the same game

But i agree with @miuracle just use third-party app

Because there is a hell more problems coming from vc like toxic people,harassment and ect

Because moderating a vc is so hard to keep up with it

It is on another level

And the budget that ia have now
Isn’t that good to also hire vc modrators

You would just put more pressure on them
With the game being in beta

It would be hard to keep up
So just as miuracle said ask them for there name in any third-party app

So yeah


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