Victorios champion stamp of approval medal

hey @InterAction_studios I was thinking about this medal. I am here from the very first day of early acces exactly 191 days 6 months like you see in the picture 345 hours of time missions and 1645 missiones done. At this point it will be necessary 3 years to arrive at 10,000 missions and obtain this medal :smiley::smiley::smiley:.I think that sould be better to count the waves for this medal maybe 100.000 waves!! …what do you think?

The medals ſhouldn’t all be quick. Three years for the hardest medal (by grind length) seems good.

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Hmm… how many “waves flown” do you have?

I don’t know there’s nowhere in the game specified in the rankings I’ve got this


but I think that I’ve got a lot of “waves flown” :smiley:

and speak of the medal a little calculation 500 waves day you will need to reach 100,000 waves 200 days more than enough!!

You know, I really ſhould refrain from replying at one in the morning.

What I failed to conſider is that gabytzu flies a lot more miſſions than I (or the average player) do. Yeah, that grind is a bit on the long side.

you already have the birthday accomplishment medal

Who will fly 500 waves per day for almost a whole year? Getting 100.000 lets is A pretty good goal already, and we’ve already got activity medals. I really dont prioritize this game as I have other ones to play. And casual players will most likely not dedicate that much time either. I mean a Edward can be for those who just play chicken invaders only and everyday, but is that neccesary? I guess eveeentuallyyy we all would get that medal. Though again, I dont like the whole waves flown thing, because it disentivizes boss rushes and makes you play easy short missions to grind waves. Also very little players will stay for 3 years or something. That’s a lot of time, and I couldnt find myself to play the same game everyday for that long.

@gabytzu You have 30,000 (!) waves flown (top player has 31,200).

It’s by no means perfect, but I think it’s been established that “waves flown” is a better criterion that “missions flown” when it comes to measuring player activity in the game.

So, I think changing this medal to 100,000 or even 50,000 waves is appropriate. Objections?


50000 waves should be enough :ok_hand:

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Changed in v.23 :medal_military: Idea



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One of the most silly changes in the game so far.

I agree but I think that 50.000 waves it’s better that 10.000 missions :slightly_smiling_face:

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hey @InterAction_studios you should add the detail into the stats waves flown :slightly_smiling_face:

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What about to see how many people were flying a planet mission. It will be below the tier requirements. It will be very good to see how many ‘‘recruits’’ have been on this mission.

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Make it how many individual people did, not how many attempts it had. Or both, actually!

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