VF- 89 ship

This ship will be fast but slower than the VF-76 by 5% and I will write ship specifications
Max power 11
and 4 satellites
And 5 hard points
Is this good ???

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Is this a good idea?
  • Yes
  • No

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Listen, every ship model has 3 ships, so dont make another topic saying VF 544514515615626 or something, also play the game more. Or i’m gonna have to flag you (for some reason)


I edited idea

But still, it DOESN’T MATTER.

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What now we new ship

There is no need for a new ship, at least in the same family

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Just like i said, every ship model has 3 ships, so we don’t need another VF.

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Should we close this topic?

Ok Am I making a new breed and I wanted to ask something what program or they use to draw things like a plane like ship and other things

Great detail but the 4 satellites is same to vf-56 starling

nah. IA not see our ideas. i don’t know why not see

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