Variöus complaints/ſuggeſtions

  • Utenſil poker overheat.
    I underſtand that the overheat rate of the utenſil poker needed to be increaſed, but it ſeems to have been increaſed a bit too much: I currently have the pyrolytic graphite heat ſink at the maximum upgrade and it ſtill can’t keep the utenſil poker from overheating.
  • I think there ſhould be a way to change the ſettings without having to log out.
  • The coolant caniſter ſeems to be maſſively overpriced.
  • Thanks, @EmeraldPlay. I can always rely on you for a nice, ſarcaſm-induced chuckle.
  • When the in-game muſic is muted, it’d be nice if it didn’t play in the galaxy view as that way it wouldn’t claſh with any other muſic the hero might be liſtening to.

That’s it for now, but I think I’m forgetting ſomething. I’ll keep you poſted.



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  • I’ve got a issue, when i use my primary weapon with a satellite attached they both fire with a left mouse click.

  • At the main menu it says save the world… I’m saving the universe? :space_invader:

in options>gameplay, theres an option called satellite auto-fire. Turn it off.

@InterAction_studios, why is that option here? I find it unnecessary.

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Thanks cook1ee :+1:

Yeah, @InterAction_studios, I think the default ſhould be “off”.


You saving the galaxy*

I’d say it’d rather be save the universe instead because the game isn’t called Chicken Invaders Galaxy (even though you are travelling between star systems and not galaxies). However, that may be a bit too repetitive since there would be 2 “universe” words appearing on the screen. Plus, it has always been save the world so let’s not ruin the tradition and keep it simple and short as it is already.


Made some notes to correct some of this. FYI Heat sinks don’t work yet.

Ah. That’d explain a lot. Thanks!

As a placebo they’re ſurpriſingly effective, though.