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Added you ! i am wating

Accepted it.

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when i take a save game i will be able to restore my progress ?

You will be able, just don’t forget to backup the save, or you will end up losing it.

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I already backup my progress after each GamePlay


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i am going to take a nap so i will leave now

you only just to backup once
your progress in online

2 other ways also:
delete the previous version folder you played, and your progress will be restored.

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Hey @Stawlart257 you’re going kinda off-topic, but since you’re new in this forum, it’s okay. But don’t do this again, instead, do this in a direct message okay? :wink:


That’s what i was about to say, anyways, thanks.

okay but if i want to say something i will post it in my topics

That’s the solution for lost progress after updating, not backing up

I mean if he doesn’t have a backup, but he has.

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