Upload Career

Can anyone say to me how to upload your career and scores to IA Studios ?

For CIU, you don’t need to, every mission you attempted are recorded and updated publicly in the server.

No I meant this : InterAction Studios Website for ci4/ci2/ci5/ci3 …etc

Click on upload scores on these games.

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oh Thx but i can’t see my score in the same Day ? i need to wait ?

It takes time to upload them, so, yes, i guess…

Thx you for help :heart: :heart:

You’re welcome.

Are you a player in CIU ?

Yes, I am.

We all are
Also, set this topic category to #chicken-invaders

you mean that i had a mistake ?

yes, that was the wrong category.

Thx for your observing

You’re welcome.

I will open the game to send you a contact request . Will you open too ?

I am already open, for surely yes.

Can i know your callsign ?

Sure, it’s: minasam123

Although it was PCVN who said that the category is wrong, but it does not matter

Edit:quiero decir @trueuser