Upgrading Weapon, instead of increasing initial firepower

When you go for higher difficulty missions, you would (almost always) have your main weapon maxed. Upgrading weapon currently increases its initial firepower. An un-upgraded weapon would start with 0 firepower while the maximum possible is starting with 8 firepower. That means if you fly higher difficulty, you would be seeing only 8 firepower and above, unless you’re often dying, so under 8 firepowers are pretty rare appearing in game. Picking firepower isn’t that relevant (other than for its point) because there are no other firepower level above 10 other than 20, the max which is so far above, especially in short missions (I know that boron railgun has level 11 and if you use bomber there are more, but that’s not the point I wanted to talk about).

That’s boring you know!

So, my idea is replacing it with these options:

  1. Increase base damage by 10% (max 10 times)
  2. Reduce heat by 5% (max 8 times)
  3. Increase firing rate and manual firing cap by 10% (max 4 times)

There are 3 options here. You could buy them all! So if you max it, your weapon has 100% more damage (doubled damage), 40% less heat, and 40% firing rate for auto-fire (and increased manual firing cap from 6.5 to 9.1 shots/second, for you who like spamming!). But in exchange for that, you will always start with 0 firepower in every mission.

This change will make collecting firepower become more relevant again, lower firepower appearing more, just like when you play older CI games. Also it allows more clean-sweeps in high difficulties!


And this seems quite…OP. 800% more damage? jesus

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Keep in mind that Universe, having RNG waves, has some pretty nasty waves where you’re much more likely to ever lose lives than you were even in the original games.
And it resets at the beginning of each mission, so that those 60+ firepower setups don’t really happen except on the longest of missions.

Most missions in CIU are, like, 20-30ish waves, with a few extreme ones either side. You’ve got your weekly challenge and 120th anniversary and the like, but for the most part even with the extra eight firepower + zero deaths you need some pretty decent luck & skill to hit the twenty in an average mission.


Ummm, yeah 800% that’s too much, need to reduce it.

Yeah, there will be charities in every single mission, but I think there is no more than 6, so you would start with that.

The reason is that I want 0-7 firepower appears more and also pretty viable in higher missions. So if you die, you’re not that hopeless in the game. The firepower maybe would just play around 0 to 10. 11-19 firepower are too long, while above 20 are pretty useless, unless you would die somewhen. 20 firepower is meant to be special, I don’t think every mission should have access it.

But if you could reach it, it would be “strong”.

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That just means you’ll need more RNG if you want max power in challenges(which is very important because of its points).
I don’t think this kind of thing is something you can balance easily. Even additional 100% damage can make things too easy, 9.1 shots per second is a rate at which it’s kinda hard to shoot(firing faster than the manual cap causes misfiring. And people generally either shoot a lot slower or a lot faster than that.) and the decrease in overheat rate might make a lot of the weapons unable to overheat. Ever.
I dunno. See what others think, but imo, this may be a bit broken(imagine a bomber with a fully upgraded utensil against bosses…).

Bosses can have 9.

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So true, I mean, look at how viable absolver became between the last update and this one.

Which also completely invalidates the idea of upgrading your weapon for those fights (like boss rushes).

Not sure which side of the argument that actually supports, but it’s worth mentioning.

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Well, it makes the current upgrade system kinda useless for a boss rush(but that’s only for high difficulty), but it’ll also make weapons OP with the suggested one.


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