Upgrades for satellites-Microgun

Yep. So anyway I thought of how satellites could be upgraded since they haven’t changed since their initial introduction in CI4. So yeah, below are some proposed buffs for Microgun.

Oh, and btw I was going to do all satellites but then I realized that satellites needed a much more detailed look into them, as well as improvements to base damage as well.

So what makes Microgun so bad? The damage isn’t too bad- 300 per shot. The main problem with it is that the shots almost always miss, and it simply pales in comparision to other satellites. However, I feel that while Microgun’s design should stay the way it is- a secondary weapon. However, I think that the capacity should be increased to 250 rounds, and the bullet hitbox be widened slightly to just slightly thinner than the Boron Railgun. And after that, some upgrades in the Heroware.


Level 1: Microgun with fixes. 908 keys (250 rounds, 300 damage)
Level 2: Charge time reduced by 50%,Damage increased by 25%, Ammunition increased by 20%.79 keys. ( 300 rounds, 375 damage)
Level 3: Two streams of bullets instead of one. Ammunition increased by 20%. 85 keys ( 720 rounds-360 each stream)
Level 4: Damage increased by 20%, Ammunition increased by 10%. Each bullet can now pierce through 3 enemies. 97 keys (792 rounds- 396 rounds each stream, 450 damage)
Level 5: Four streams of bullets. Starts firing immediately. Bullets are now white. Massive upgrade to ammunition 106 keys. Max level. Cosmetic change: Microgun satellite is jet black with ammunition belt being blue in color. Normal bullets now have a pierce of 5 enemies, while blue bullets can pierce through 8. (450-900 damage, 3600 rounds- 900 per stream)

All upgrades increase mass by 10.

Total cost: 1,275 keys.

And… what do you think?


How would this work with guns you pick up in-miſſion?


Nice, but we should buff the upgrade cost for around 200-300 keys per level, 79 keys is too cheap to upgrade an expensive satellite

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Random chance to get satellites on any level depending on difficulty. Higher it is, better the chances for getting… a better satellite.

Or there could be satellite boxes with a gold border or something to indicate a higher chance of a better satellite.

Or satellite boxes could even drop “satellite firepower” which upgrades a satellite by one level, idk.

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I think the 79 keys and 85 keys are worth it, though Level 4 and 5 could be much more expensive. The first three are simple buffs, while 4 and 5 add more parameters to the satellite’s stats, and thus should be much more expensive.

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