(Update: PacManVietNam has intentionally bumped a post.) PacManVietNam is being targeted by an unknown user and I need to know who it is

@PacManVietNam has decided to leave the forum due to his posts getting flagged multiple times. This is just so sad. I enjoyed his presence in the forum and I just feel like the forum won’t be the same without him. He was a friend to us but some vile people here decided to flag his posts. I just want to know who flagged his posts. I need full clarity on whose responsible for all of this. Do not think about framing PacManVietNam. You should give proof for your reason to flag him. If you felt guilty about flagging him, formally apologize to him and give him constructive criticism. Whoever flagged his posts should’ve explained what was wrong with his posts with proof to support your argument. I didn’t wish to start a civil war on this forum but you must understand, there needs to be a good reasoning for flagging his posts. The flaggers never gave a warning to PacManVietNam, they just flagged him straight up.

Edit: Okay, I was wrong, very wrong. The forum gave him a chance but he decided to squander it by intentionally bumping the “Show Player Names” Error topic which is over 5 months old, making it eligible as a bump. Pac then denied any evidence of him bumping. I used to defend him but now I lost a lot of respect for him. If you, @PacManVietNam are seeing this post, I suggest you apologize for your actions and never repeat then again.


Even tho I said the things I said, I wasn’t the cause. I flagged the post that he said to delete, that’s all And, for the third time, could be more than one person.
And the whole wording if the title is wrong. Nobody forcefully banned him, he decided to leave for a reason that doesn’t make total sense.

That’s the truth I see. The only bad jokes we re the other two complaining topic, those were flags with no reason.


Flagging posts is a mechanism that Discourse provides for uses to self-moderate the forum. There is no requirement for justification or warning before flagging a post. Once a post receives a sufficient number of flags, it is hidden.

Although it is theoretically possible to abuse such a system to target a specific user, there has been no foul play here. I have reviewed the flags and they are all for legitimate reasons. @PacManVietNam simply has a tendency (much like other users in the past) to create unnecessary posts, leading to an increased number of flags and causing him to be silenced for a few hours. His account is otherwise in good standing and he is welcome to re-join the community when he is ready.


Most of the community decriminates new users from the others, because of their behaviour. My mind is still fresh when everyone flood the early access version(dont remember), more than the hentai spammer. PacManVietNam super-activity is justified imo. They are ‘‘old’’ users a lot worse than him, who doesnt care and spam every tread with random meme words or images.

It was Early access 26.

Flashbacks Intensifies

Honestly, I was having a lot of fun that day, wuth how the whole situation developed.

It was an easy battle but a fun one nonetheless. Thank goodness we didn’t have any casualties.

Battle for: Who will have more posts wich have nothing to do with the topic.

It was supposed to be the battle to banish those Hentai user and his clones but it turned into whatever your description is.

Seems like a pretty bold claim to me. I’d like you to give me some examples, because I’m honestly having trouble finding any in latest.


A person’s behaviour is probably the best thing you could judge said person for.

Besides, what does any of this have to do with new users? @PacManVietNam isn’t a “new user”, he’s been active on this forum since March.


I used the word ‘‘dercrimination’’ as improvisation. Doesn’t matter if he is new or not. If new user joins and he is below 14 or more, its obvious that he will behave a little bit annoying. New users will left the forum and the community because of this. Actually if you follow the posts carefully, you will find a troll attempt. And I dont actually care if you defend this user or not, because he/she said exactly that doesn’t care about the forum in general(not here).
‘‘Post things you hate here’’ topic was qualified as spam, well its like calling every single off-topic topic.

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Ah yes, I am a she. Go have actual knowledge about someone’s gender.

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Guys, please stop, this discussion is doing nothing more than creating new hatred.


I told you my gender, don’t you think it’s a bit too far to call me a gender I am not? Call me a she, because that’s what I am. A she.

This whole topic should be deleted. Let the flaggers get away with their justified measures and move on. Honestly, I saw his topics and posts as sarcasm or an attempt to socialize, in my view he was trying to be a likeable member in his own way. But alas, it seems that not everyone sees him as I do.

He’ll probably come back once he gets over it.

Yeah sure, I’ll kinda miss him, he was a good person.
The way he reacted to all of this made some of his faults emerge, instead of trying to improve he just gave up, the hate he received was mostly constructive, he also started to softly insult, which was another bad move.

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Sorry. I will leave tomorrow, not today

I had no idea that you were a female. After finding out that @Nikito was a dude despite having a girl in the profile picture in the past I just didn’t risk changing your assumed gender to female. Well that’s a surprise!

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