Update CIU easter day

Dear IA, it’s Easter day so could we change chicken boss to Easter Boss and add some chicken easter music,could be cool and Also Happy Easter day
for all UHF hero :DD


We’re at rapid development speed right now and I would like IA to use it to make some new content not just skins, but if it’s just 5 minute porting from CI4 then I have no objections.

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Easter editions don’t have any original music though


Really? It’s unacceptable .

Is it Easter already?! :astonished:

Well, I had a quick look. The problem is that, since CI5 didn’t come with an Easter edition, I have to refer back to CI4/3. These games are much older and sadly incompatible with CIU (I’d have to add code and re-render textures from scratch, which is a no-no). These are the only things that can be converted to Easter:

  • Chick (not chicken!)
  • Crab v1
  • Egg Cannon
  • Mother-Hen (CI3)
  • Mother-Hen (CI4)
  • Twice Infinity boss
  • Iron Chef
  • Planetary Egg city

Sadly, none of the “common” chickens can be changed. Sounds or music also can’t be changed.

As you can see, it’s a very limited impact. Still, if there’s strong demand, I can make the changes and release something tomorrow. Let me know.


kinda, yeah change chicken and boss but no music: could be fine

As much as Easter content would be nice, I would rather wait a year or two and get a more complete adaption than only get a small amount of the content transitioned.


I also managed to convert “Bonus Challenge” and “Alien Container”

Added to v.39

:medal_sports: Idea


Can do a poll?

About what? It’s already done.



Like in what day its possible what the update 39 its out? Srry if this question is very annoying

In a few hours.


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