Universal Grandmaster boss changes suggestion

Hi everyone! My name is [CLASSIFIED], also known as Stardrone.

In this topic I will talk about my take on how CIU’s Universal Grandmaster skill will handle boss.

If UG will follow normal skill progression we have to expect these:

  1. Missions gets +50% extra difficulty
  2. Faster bullets and more keys than SSH
  3. Higher chances of finding epic waves

Usually difficulty is the thing that change boss patterns and devides what enemies spam in a wave.

So UG boss changes start may appear from 141% difficulty, hence too high from ssh and unfindable for f2p players

Why boss must have changes?
Sincerally I expect IA to squeeze as much value as possible for CHL (And it’s actually doing that) and make hardest difficulty not “only make everything just a bullet sponge”

Enought said, these are my suggestions:

Blast from the past
The boss gains 1 extra bullet to the pattern… but it’s directly aimed at the player position.
This egg is already hard, minor change but will be a brutal one in terms of difficulty

New boss wave: Super squak bros
Replace Master/Crazy squaker boss fight in sqwak block missions.
In this boss battle you fight both of the sqwak brothers at the same time! (Hp of boss probably will need a nerf of -30%).
They come one from top right and another on top left corner and act like their normal battle.
When one sibling is dead, the other will move faster (minor enrage).
Why not?
And yes… wave can be mirrored

Chicken exponentiality/molteplicity
Follow normal difficulty scaling for superchicken/darth chicken laser pattern.
Every enemy splits into one more.
These changes are made to make boss harder but still following the multiply concept
1)Yes at a point you will fight 2 enraged bros
2)In exponentiality the third sibling will be chosen by mission maker rng

Show 'em who is the boss!
Big chickens can lay proximity eggs every 3 eggs (2 normal then a 3rd proximity, repeat).
Drop eggs sightly more often.
These changes are made to make the boss a bit more interesting and harder but not by simply adding another chicken (also there is no space left on the screen to fit another one)

Added a second extra phase shared by every variant.
Phase trigger: Boss gets at 20% hp
In the new phase uco will detach its arms (that will fall to the bottom of the screen) and attack with many lasers from the saucer while also moving with its unpredictable pattern.
Crabs and uco are similar. I think a similar phase 2 in concept may work well

Added a second phase shared by every variant but harder in Crab V.2.
Phase trigger: All of the four fuel cans are destroyed.
In the new phase Crab will detach its arms (that will fall to the bottom of the screen) and the head will start chaising the player, while furiously spinning. The head never stops moving.
Phase 2 was inspired by one of CI4 cutscenes and Terraria’s dungeon guardian

Bossa Nova
More aggressive behavour.
This means less time between attacks.
It’s hard to not make this boss more annoying since that is its whole concept. I don’t know what other change may work well with this one

Egg cannon
Starts with 3 attacks already unlocked.
Added a new attack to the pattern that consists into summoning an egg barrage (both bullets and enemy) while also firing its lasers.
Egg cannon is the eggular molecular propulsor: It should make sense to have more than one attack egg-related (cannonade actually has another egg-related attack so, if we assume the technology behind them is the same, makes sense lore whise)

While laser is charging the boss will deploy feathers.
During phase 5 of Hend game, Henterprise will start deploying feathers after every 3/4 laser attacks.
Lore whise the Henterprise is a feather spamming machine. This change increase boss difficulty simply by following its own concept.

Yolk Star
The yolk will leak from the egg with increasingly frequency as the boss loses hp since you are cracking his shell with your attacks. (Leaks are foreshadowed by a crack that forms on the shell)
Faster movement in phase 2
Phase 1 changes are made to follow Yolk star’s nature of it being just a big egg and a bullet hell boss (Added more than one laser without actually adding one!). Phase 2 changes are meant to make Yolk’s last stand actually challenging and less tedious

Egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade
Added an hilarious 3rd attack to phase 3: The cannonade shoots smaller egg cannons!
Meme addition for a meme boss

Magnetic manipulator
When the manipulator gets down at 10% hp he will become immune to any damage, fly away from the screen and summons a meteor storm wave!
He then proceeds to return into the center of the screen and end the battle.
Concept-inspired addition

Sweather chicken
Boss will move in a more unpredictable way and sightly faster.
Not every boss needs insane changes, especially since she already is an insane one!

It’s party time!/Special forces
Boss gets enraged at 50% hp.
Simple addition/change for the most common bosses in the game

Misterious ship
While the ship is moving it will shoot 4 green blast attacks in random pattern (Green blast are the green things that are shot by uco 1).
The boss has a really predicrable pattern, this change will make harder to follow the already mentioned pattern

When Superchicken lose 40% hp he will call its 2 sidekicks.
When sidekicks (Sidechicks as the name?) are killed boss gets enraged. So… don’t kill them!
Not sure about this one… had no ideas on this

Henperor apprentice
When your ship rotates he will attack you with slow but homing red bullets (homing groundwork can be borrowed from Photon swarm).
Changes made to make battle more dynamic.

Twice infinity
When one of the sibling is defeated the other one will do its “ultimate bullet hell” attack regardless of when the other got defeated.
Change made because it’s a nice challenge.

Brothers reunited
Bosses gets enraged at 50% hp istead of “sibling defeated”.
When a Brother is killed the other will do a desperate attack.
Changes made to make battle more intense and to follow the other sibling battle we already have in game

Mother hen ship
Eggception: There is another egg inside the egg!
This translates into more bullets.
Inner egg’s yolk has half hp than normal yolk
This change was made to make boss actually harder on an hard difficulty (Seriously… way is this boss easier at high difficulty?).
Also… eggception is an actual thing that must be put in the franchise one day (it has potential)

Apple Core
When the core is hit it will start moving around.
Change made to make this boss feel more “alive”

Feather brain
When the boss is hit he will summon small feathers.
Change made to nerf “spammy” weapons like Ion blaster aganst the boss

Planetary egg city
Three unbreakable satellites orbit around the planet, they shoot at your location.
Addition made to make boss harder and give chickens better internet access

Iron chef
When Chef is moving, it will drop some food (in a way similar to how gifts are dropped).
At 75% damage, 2 security droids will join the battle (approaching from the top of the screen).
Additions made to give boss a bit more challenge while keeping it still an easy one

Alien mothership
The mothership gets faster the more pieces are dropped off.
Change made to make late battle as hard as the start. Not an huge deal for bombers

What do you think of this idea? You like it or not? If not… how can I improve it?

Also… Do you have other suggestions?


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