Unique ID for all people instead Callsign*

In Forum:


Suggested by me in some sort when I found some fake-Recruit #35 players and suggested to show callsign near nickname in forum. I like this idea anyway.

It’s not possible to edit Discourse that much. Besides, people can use other’s ID’s if they know them.

I’m not ſure that’s poſſible with this forum, but a “poſt your callſign here” topic would do the trick. I vaguely recall that there already is one, but maybe not.

People can still just lie about their callsign. But I guess they can here too anyway. The only real proof would be video evidence, but that would probably be just for those occasions, so a topic wouldn’t be bad.

instead Callsign*
*I talk about situation when you need write Callsign for IA

If this gets implemented I would like to reserve id #371 because… reasons.

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