Unable to connect

Im unable to connect for some reason. It says that there is a socket problem. It also says SOCKERR_RTIMEDOUT. Is the game calling me a Sucker? Was I banned? Im unsure what to do. I wouldnt say that I did anything wrong since I only played a boss rush level which I liked over and over. I also reported a problem with the mother hen ship (CI3) boss since its way too confusing to look at in hard mode. I dont remember it being that difficult in CI3. Does anyone knows what happened? I hope I wasnt banned.

The server is down

Few seconds ago it said that server wasnt down. At least I know I wasnt banned or something, that timeout part really confused me.

Ok, two things:

  1. Yes, the ſerver went down. You can check the ſerver ſtatus here, or by clicking the button labeled “check ſerver ſtatus”.
  2. If you’re that worried about beïng banned, maybe you ſhould rethink ſome of your recent deciſions.

UPDATE: the game works again.

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Yes, we know.

How to move in jaypad and how to play two player with two USB Controler

Local two player co-op is not possible.

For now…

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it’s coming up for me. yet the forums says the server isn’t down?

Because iA isn’t around to fix it.

Sorry everyone, the server did indeed deadlock last night and couldn’t respond. I’ve rebooted it now, looking into why this happened.