Ultimate moves/attacks (final smash)

the final is an attack that deal lethal damage from smash bros
so lets bring to CIU for no reasons at all

-activation and power
unlike smash bros
when reached 20+ powerups there will be less change you when collect powerup
so if you willing to sacrifice 1 powerup for a blast that stronger that the missle and
each weapon you use have different finisher and when the final final smash start all
attack will be cancel

if you have the laser cannon then the the final smash gonna be the spaceship pointing
in -50 degree and blast a henterpise beam while turning to the opposite pole

if have a neutron gun then you gonna fire 4 spheres containing strange matter
in a cross line ,the sphere will explode leaving strange matter consuming the entire screen

if you have the popcorn shotgun then you will spin around and fire 8 explosive popcorn bag
with a great blast radius

if you the utensil poker then you summon a giant fork as wide as the screen from the back
then fly away, when the fork goes off screen then you go back to action

the lightning fryer , the plasma riffle the ,positron stream will split in ten medium stream
and will let you control

the hyper gun , the moron railgun , the boron railgun , vulcan chaingun gonna fire non-stop while slowly spining 360 degree

if have the riddler then it gonna spawn 2 satelite machine gun (no control) then fire in all direction

if you have the photon swarm then it will fire a row of 10 sun balls then surround the sceen
for a peroid of time then explode

and finally if you have ion blaster then it will fire a giant red ion from the front killing
all chicken in the way the if it touch the edge it will explode with a blast radius of a missle

  • this is a very good idea , i like it alot
  • i would rather eat my own puke then seeing this dumb idea

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I didn’t understand that.

im vietnamese , im not that good at endlish , i will edit

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