U.C.O Boss Bug

idk if this is boss attack supposed to be normal, but i found a bug in that boss…kind of. you see the normal attack (one red laser beam and 2 green rail guns) when attacking the UCO supposed to shot Red Laser Beam twice and the Rail gun 3 times, but when the rail gun is gonna shot the 2nd time, it just only aimed at my ship, but didn’t shot, it only shot the first one and the 3rd one, the 2nd one it only aims at me but not shoting, idk if the rest are witnessing this but im seeing this, i would advise to check if it supposed to be like this or an small error

also i have an another topic of this, in the lobby (where you select the mission from different planets in different orbits) i can see some names which is someone else’s ship name, idk if that is an actual user, but is there anything about this? if so please tell me.

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It’s intended. On lower difficulties, the U.C.O. won’t shoot every time.
The ships you see in the galaxy are actual players.


thx for the feedback on UCO and so as the ships
but for the ships is it possible to like…play with them or co-op?

Currently they’re just for show, but in future updates you will be able to message them, invite them to squadrons, and do other stuff.