Two big things will happen this week

This week is going to be a preety big one when it comes to astronomy:
On the 10th of april, the EHT - Event Horizon Telescope collaberation will release it’s first image of the event horizon of a black hole (if I understand correctly). Maybe CIA could even change the way that black holes look, based on the new image (although, I really doubt that :slightly_frowning_face:)

For more info about when to watch the press conference about it,click on this link.
Update, this is the black hole image:

In other news, on the 11th of april, SpaceIL, an Israeli organization will have their space probe, named beresheet (genesis in hebrew), hopefully land on the moon without crashing, or breaking apart. If everything goes well, it could be not only Israel’s frist spacecraft on the moon, but also the first privately funded one to land on it.

For more info, check SpaceIL’s website.
Update: the beresheet spacecraft crash landed on the moon.
Here’s the last picture that it took:

In short:

  1. On the 10th of april, the EHT team will release the first image of the event horizon a black hole.

  2. On the 11th of april, SpaceIL’s beresheet space probe will land ot the moon.


Actally this is not the first black hole image.

So which was first?

Its old photo.

It’s an image from simulation.

What about the black hole in the video?

Did you watch it? It’s about plasma jet.

I mean, that hardly counts as a photo to be honest.

And as @qbus371 explained, the image you posted was a computer simulation, not a photo.

I clearly look the event horizont on this photo that you show from the video.

It counts as a photo, but not a black hole photo. Also, we have better photo of plasma jet from M87 galaxy:


I dont know, for me this kind of photos still counts. The new photo it counts ‘‘the first’’ but whatever.

It doesn’t count. You don’t even see event horizon. It’s like you take image of galaxy and you say that in center there’s a black hole. It’s true, but the image doesn’t show it.

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The event horizont and the black hole are different things. The photo from the video shows it and the new photo shows it better.

Video shows a plasma jet. Image released yesterday shows a black hole event horizon.
Also if you can’t see event horizon you can’t see black hole. The M87 black hole image is the first whether you like it or not.

The beresheet spacecraft crashed…
RIP the spacecraft and 100,000,000$ :frowning_face:

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wow… F

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Its sad that Stephen Hawking is not alive to see it :cry:

Yeah, it sucks. Just one year with one month and he could see it.

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