Tutorial for missions

I know that there are tutorials for the whole universe system but what about the missions? I’m guessing most of the Early Access players are veterans who know the franchise well (including me) and are familiar with the controls.

For new players the current universe system tutorial looks great and well written.

But during missions there is a reactor thingy (don’t know the name for that feature;please do tell me) which allows you to double click and hold for increased rate of fire. But there is no tutorial for that feature. So is there something I’m missing or is it learn as you go?

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There is

Really? Can you tell me how to enable it or something?

Your first mission, in-game tips.

If you don’t know what is it, it’s called “Overdrive”

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Ah thanks for telling me the correct term. So it basically comes as tips on the bottom of the screen?

Edit: And only one time?


Ok then thanks for telling me. I probably missed it myself in my first run

Edit: wait can’t I solution this topic?

Edit 2: Ok I solved it

said the guy who skipped the tutorial

just kidding, have a great day


Who checks the tips at the bottom of the screen anyway? Not me. Probably why I got here in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

I do, they appear at a time where you have nothing better to look at.

did you even play Your First Mission

I would like to say that I forgot about it probably but I guess I was too dumb to notice the tips

(I hid the tips later anyways. That could also be the reason.)

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