Treasure Hunting - Collectible item Recovery: Remastered

Thousands of treasures were hidden everywhere across the universe, can you find them all?

Treasure hunting is a chance mechanic where after you finish a mission, there’s a small chance that you’ll get a treasure.

Treasure found

When you finish a mission, there’s a very very small chance that you’ll get the treasure. Completing a completed mission will increase the chance of dropping the treasure.

  • first time finishing only have 0.5% chance
  • 5th time is 1% chance
  • 10th time is 2% chance
  • 25th time is 4% chance
  • 30th time is 8% chance

NOTE: You can get these treasures in competitive missions since they don’t reward points. You can’t get these treasures if there’s unoriginality penalty and the chance of you getting the treasure will not increase. As you hit 8%, it won’t go up anymore.


Treasures have their own rarity. The treasures will give you a large amount of keys if you’re lucky to get one. You can get these many times, the first time you get it will give you [keys of the treasure] + 500 extra keys.

  • Common worth 100 keys
  • Uncommon worh 200 keys
  • Rare worth 300 keys
  • Epic worth 500 keys
  • Legendary worth 700 keys
  • Mythical worth 1000 keys

Treasure room

The treasures could be anything, a furniture to a weapon. The treasures also have the location of the first time you got it and the when you get it. It also has a description or lore or something like that.


Wasn’t this sort of thing planned as finding “artifacts” at first


Basically yeah but adding this in more for fun and stuff.

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Hmm… after collecting all of them, assembling them would be great!


MaB they could be used as spare parts for our ship!

Reward shouldn’t be 700 keys
It should be 100, like wormholes

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