Transfer save files to new device?

Hello there.

I have a CIU backup on my computer, but I wish to transfer my backup to my laptop so I can continue my progress on the go. But alas, I can’t seem to. Added to the fact that I haven’t played CIU for a few weeks if not a month.

So, I safely assumed my account was erased, started over again. Though when I tried changing my callsign back on my new account I got an error saying my name had already been taken, does it mean my old account hasn’t been erased from said hiatus?

IA please let me know. Thanks

Accounts get purged when they have less than one hour of playtime and haven’t been online for four weeks, so you should be safe if you can find your username when searching it.
To restore the backup, just delete all files from C:/ProgramData/InterAction Studios/CIU and paste your backup data then.

Lets put this thread to rest as per your suggestion I have transferred and restored my account prior to my hiatus and on a different, more portable device.

Thank you, you’re a huge help!

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Glad to have helped.
The reason you weren’t able to restore the backup in the first place is the fact that the saves folder contains data for each version, and when the game loads it looks for the latest version, which was, in your case, the new account, and the old account was never loaded on the newest version. Just so you know for the next time you try to restore your progress.

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