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translated with google translate, sorry if there are typing errors.
Ok, I have no idea if the story will continue, but I get some ideas for the plot.

  1. they kidnap all the factories of “spaceburg”
  2. there is an alliance of rebellious chickens. we confront them, but we discover that they are good, and an alliance is formed, or something similar.
  3. Chicken invaders univere, it would be great to present many planets, liberate them or defend them.
  4. present various “alien species”, in that way, to complete some special achievement or pass the mission of such planets, have the opportunity to unlock ships like those planets, like an alien, different rockets, as when in the IC4 , was “HEN SOL0”, for example: have a rebellious chicken, a “spaceburger” robot.
  5. with point 3. Maybe instead of the chickens explode the planets, they encapsulate them in metal egg shells, like metal egg shells.
  6. that instead of history, we win all the battles, the chickens take the lead in their plans, but in the last missions, meet with our new allies and fight together against the final boss.
  7. I would like to see a final battle very massive, and comlicated, maybe create another post to explain my idea better, but I imagine something similar to a gigantic game screen, that there are defenses, with weak points, for the difficulty, lightning attacks and waves of chickens as always, I will explain the topic of ideas for missions in another post.
  8. journeys in time, perhaps the future us to warn us that the last “spaceburger” is over, and just at that moment, kidnap the “spaceburger” boss
  9. Chickens invaders universe, the chickens accelerate the nucleus of a galaxy and absorb us, as in CI4 when we travel to the “space invaders” through a supernova, but instead, we rescue an ancient race of aiens or something .
  10. several alternative endings, watching the video trailer they presented, many levels are seen, so I see that you are looking for several ways to make several endgames, to make several endings, Winning, Losing, I do not know, I find it interesting to implement a story that can change.

I imagine the structure of the plot in this way, taking into account all the previous ideas presented.

A. we are in space burguer.
B. comes someone from the future to warn us that the chickens reign in the universe … And captured “Space burguer”, the real bad news xD.
C, they capture space burguer, we chase them and we face each other.
D. an alien asks us for help to free their planet, and the “spaceburger”, so we begin to liberate planets, various leaders etc.
E1. we know the rebellious chickens, we confront each other and we become their friends. then they trap us in the black hole of the galaxy and a battle is made against a boss while the hole takes everything, including us.
E2. After releasing some planets and making friends, the chickens alter the galaxy’s black hole and there is a battle against a boss while the hole takes everything, including us, the hole takes us with the rebellious chickens, who rescued us, and our friends return
F. we continue to travel and defend, trying to save the planets, but they capture them all, so we are about to lose the battle. with the only hope in our hands. Alone, the storm is coming …
G. about to want to face the final boss alone, some of our allies return, and we approach the final battle.
H. can be a battle of armies of allied ships against chickens, while we go in front destroying the weak points of the main defense lines, with at least 3 lines of defense. the rebellious alliance of chickens can also help us.

face to face against the final boss, make all kinds of attacks, must be complicated, to be more epic, about 10% of being defeated an attack can be, throw us all the planets that they kidnapped, this way when the boss explode, the planets will be saved, and those that exude will be protected with egg shells.
saving, but a boss chicken escapes with the egg that contains “spaceburg”, a battle that only we can face. and we do it fried pole.


I know it’s a lot, in fact it’s too much, but I would like you to take into account some ideas, who knows if you have already created the story, but I would like you to see my concept and like it, maybe I can be in another game, I know it is a lot. and it even seems difficult to program, I really do not know.

I think it’s a good idea for a complete game.

but the best thing that I would like them to do
surprise us, I know that the game is going to be great.


We already know what the plot will be, and it’s not going to be like what you described at all. It also won’t have an ending.


Thanks! As @EmeraldPlay said, CIU is not story-driven and does not end in the traditional sense. But your ideas definitely make sense for the next regular episode (if/when that comes).


Hello. :slightly_smiling_face: