Tornado idea plan #2


About few weeks ago I posted a topic and my idea was tornado weapon. But (thanks to users that commented) I found a better idea for that. It will be better to have tornado satellite instead of weapon.
Because I thought if it is a weapon; the game would be easy and corny to play with this weapon.
You can use the tornado satellite to pull chicken to middle and shot them by your normal fire.
Interaction Studios liked on the previous idea but I am truly sure that tornado weapon is better to be a satellite. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Tell me how is this :wink:


Please tell me how is this :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


tornado weapon is better


I’m afraid not because the game won’t be exciting and the weapon doesn’t require what a weapon should be. I think a main weapon shouldn’t be able to change chickens positions.


The Tornado gun will be overpowered if it’s able to use in every level.

if there are any levels that the gun will be useful like if you explode container but there is a meteor shower and
you need to bring the guns to you it would be useful, and at many other situations.

But mostly not useful. The gun would make the game way more easier for you and you will lose interest.
If it’s super rare gun then it will probably be good but if there is batteries that charge the gun[batteries that you buy with in-game money]


It is planned to be a satellite right now not a weapon.


Wow i quite like this.