(Topic mistake)

I just made a mistake.
Sorry guys!

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Why does this exist?


I’m not that dumb. I even said it in the early access thread. Why did you made a useless pool? We don’t know the same as you. Also, didn’t you promise to not make useless threads anymore?

yes why?

Cause this is a useless topic. What are we supposed to answer? You could have simply asked in the aerly access topic instead of making a pool with no point. Yes? No? How are we supposed to know? And don’t think iA will answer anytime soon.

I think you are a bit too harsh. He’s only trying to ask people to predict about it, and it is actually understandable, unlike his other meaningless posts with “noob grammar” that I can’t understand a thing. He’s even marking it as “off-topic” rather than Early Access (Early Access is usually for complaining bugs about the game).

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Sorry, the grammar threw me off. If he asked “Do you think” instead of does, i would have understood. Apologies.

Well, in a few minutes this will be useless regardless…

Look like I just flag my topic because message.
I made a mistake.

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