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Probably because you have an invisible profile icon picture.


Or because the stuff there offended some people.

I need google translate now. I don’t understand some words.

“offend” = make people feel annoying
“invisible” = no one can see

Thanks. I know invisible aready


I feel so sorry man. Just who the h*ll is flagging your posts. If I find that person, they’re gonna lose a whole lot of respect from me.

Might be because the posts were spam, who knows

There are a lot annoying posts that are not yours @PacManVietNam. And I can barely contain myself to flag them :grimacing:

Damn hell he/she flaged this topic

nah. Do you think Post things you hate here is spam?

um yeah

How? How is it spam? Tell me your reasoning.

The problem is how can there be multiple users report them in a short time? Are they bots or sockpuppets?

It’s like 2 a day


It’s probably more people flagging.

I think @ChickenBlaster is keep flaging me