Top 4 Ideas for CIU

So, I’m here to telling you that I have some Ideas for CIU V13.0

Number 1: Adding "Tips" while you’re clicking “Save the world” Logging in

Have we ever talking about tips or something?
It’s the message that he was sending to you to remember what he is saying (like the information)

Here is a screenshot:

Number 2: Remove Early Access message & New feature of Pop up message

If you are logging in CIU, You will see Early Access message. for the next update, we need to close this message by clicking the “X” button. Also, there is a new features of Pop up message. It will be appeared when you’re playing the mission or on main menu like this:

Don't worry! Early Access message will be here again If you're closing the game!

Number 3: Adding “Did you know?”

Did you know always gave you an Ideas to play the missions, It will makes the missions from hard to EASY! Like this:

It will be appeared If you touched The Eggs (or The Chickens) or If you’re going to next wave :slight_smile:

“Did you know” is a information for the missions. “Did you know” can help you If you’re playing his game for the first time. more information will be here soon!

Number 4: LIGHTING! NEED TO TOUCH YOU! (The Lighting missions are missing)

Have you ever trying CI5? Did you see the storms? Did you see the lighting?

It’s a good thing because we saw Lightning and Thunder on CIU!
But there is something is missing!

What is it?

_the lights needs to touch **YOU!_
_It will kill **_YOU!_** look at the 8th Chapter of CI5 video:_

It will appear like this:

Sorry for BAD ART! :frowning:

We’re know that mission was suggested! BUT! The lighting need to touch YOU! on Hard mission! You should Be-careful

That’s all for now!
What do you think about this?
Also, this is for @InterAction_studios


The watermark needs to stay up so that it will be obvious in a video or other media that it’s an early access version.


Don’t worry! It will be here again If you’re closing the game!

But it needs to stay up at all times.

And what is the third idea supposed to be? You didn’t explain it clearly.

  1. It was suggested
  2. Useless
  3. Why do we need tips showing in 2 different places
  4. It was suggested.

There is a missing on Lighting mission!

Why he can’t touch you?


Sorry for BAD Idea! :frowning: I’m so sorry guys! :sweat:

Pls STOP to use formatted texts


And yes:

  1. Suggested
  2. Suggested by me to make it half-transperent when cursor overlaps banner
  3. Useless
  4. Suggested

The log-in time is quite quick, like it only takes 3 seconds for me. So is “Tip” needed if no one could have enough time to read it

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No. My PC is too fast for logging in

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