Top 10 moments before disaster

You can post yours near death moment or “it was that moment you knew, you f up” moments in here


Let me turn on my PC and I will edit this post with disasters

Oh boy, I can smell troubles already

Usually,near-death experiences feature panoramic experiences,bright “lights at the end of the tunnel”,and so on and so forth.You sure that was one?

Yeah, and you can also post when you’re definitely screwed up

when i almost sold a m408 that was the most scariest thing ever.

Check my previous post

That’s something really scary there

Starting an 9 wave 100% + SSH boss rush mission with a heavy bomber without any jets and the bosses were Purple U.C.O, Brother Reunited, and Yolk Star.

That was a disaster

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I salute your 1 pixel dodge there

That’s not a disaster, that’s a whole nightmare

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