Tier Milestones

Hey Chicken Annihilators of the UHF,
You know, tier rewards have been a thing for a long time now, but once you get to Tier 99, it’s pretty much pointless…
SO, when you get to Tier 99, you will get 300 keys for each 250M pts. Every 500M pts, you get a coupon that gives you a 30% discount on any item in any store. And yea, this DOES stack with Shady Dealer discounts. Every 5B pts, you’ll get a random spacecraft.
BX - 21% for BX-7. 7% for BX-8, 2% for BX-9 (30% prize pool).
H&C - 29% for 101, 11% for 201, and 5% for 301 (45% prize pool).
Müller - 7% for M400, 2% for M404, 1% for M408 (10% prize pool).
VF - 8% for VF-56, 5% for VF-66, and 2% for VF-76 (15% prize pool).
60% chance for a Common, 25% for Uncommon, 10% for a Rare, and a 5% chance for a Legendary.
These ships do NOT sell for any keys. They’ll just disappear.

With that aside, should this be implemented in Chicken Invaders Universe?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but…
  • VERY GOOD IDEA. I NEED iA to add this NOW.
  • Naah… (why though?)
  • This is pointless. There shouldn’t even BE a Tier Reward system.
  • I prefer the original.
  • i am a chicken and i don’t approve this -_- (Please don’t… Just vote for one option besides this).

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free fire moment

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You like freefire ?
Me no i like pubg mobile

OOPS… it’s fixed now.

I mean “stacks” by giving you up to a 75% discount on any Shady Dealer item…
Let alone ANY item in any store. This does include contrabrand, FYI.

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