Tier 99 medal

I did it boys


I got it a few weeks ago, sooooo. shakes hand
And congrats, but this is the last tier


I know, kinda sad and annoying
That counter stayin at 99, annoying

Excellent! Bro.

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Thanks! Bro.

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I mean. Would it be really better if it had no limit? At least you can now count the 99th tier as a completion goal. So it is something that you can go for when starting the game. When you’re finished just move on to the next game. And the cycle continues.


I agree but MMO’s don’t really have a limit.
Did you ever beat World of Warcraft? That game is full of stuff that not even dedicated players really completed.
Nobody has time to complete an MMO and that would be litteraly impossible since the developers keep adding more stuff to them.

Look, all i’m trying to say is that why do you limit a game if its limitless?, it has no point. Tiers in this game don’t really have much value other than to prevent you from playing all the levels and award you with keys after you reached a higher one.

I say let there be atleast more tiers and a little more value to them.
Like giving you a sub-name like “Rookie commander” or “Master Squasher” or something like that


Tier 120

Tier 420, bruh

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yoo participate in classes bro
it’s cool to save a world against a horde of chickens, but lessons are also important!

i just got that medal too

some games have tier that goes to like 850. but i would give up before i reach tier 200. but it would be fun to reach tier 420 or tier 120.

Yeah. MMO’s don’t. Because they are getting massive updates from time to time and this makes them limitless.

I did not, because I don’t enjoy this game and I don’t find it as a canon continuation of Warcraft 3

That’s a lie. In 2009 there was a player who completed everything. Then in 2014 was another one who completed the game with all the expansions. In 2018 there was another one who completed everything including all expansions.

Proven wrong. You don’t even know how many people are treating MMO games as their life. But also proper MMO games can be turned into profit for your own life because they have their economy. Heard of EVE Online? Or WoW?

See that’s also proven wrong, but even without that, the games have limits. In WoW there’s player level limit that you can get without expansions. Sounds familiar to tier level limit?

If I remember correctly the wormhole levels are limited to tier 50 so yeah, they prevent newbies from playing them. However if I remember correctly, the tiers are also limiting what weapons you can get from present.

But if you increase the tier limit it will no longer be 2 digits long. Even if you set it to 120 then why not use all 3 digits for 999th tier? And what if someone gets there? Will you be also willing to increase it even more? How would it give them more value? It will just make them very boring and nothing special.

Yeah, go on and think of 999 names for every tier. Or even go think of anything in 999 forms. It’s hard.


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