Thoughts on economy

Juſt a few thoughts:

  • Special weapons ſhould be cheaper than extra lives. Currently it’s better financially to loſe a life than to fire a miſſile, which I don’t think ſhould be the caſe. If balancing this requires making keys eaſier to get and raiſing all prices accordingly (and lowering the prices of the ſpecial weapons), ſo be it.
  • The more expenſive ſpacecraft are too cheap. Currently, if you’re buying a better ſpaceſhip, you might as well ſave up the couple hundred extra keys that are needed for the beſt. I think that ſpacecraft prices ſhould riſe exponentially (to ſome extent- don’t overdo it) between models rather than linearly.
  • Coolant caniſters are a bit overpriced.
  • Poultry payback is abſolutely uſeleſs.
  • I noticed that keys collected at the end of boſs ruſhes are not recorded, and it’d be nice if they were.
  • I need to learn not to fly hard miſſions when I’m tired.

Poultry payback explosion doesnt kill anything :expressionless: About the Coolant canisters, well its very helpfull but its for over 400 keys it doesnt give much. Only 9 i think.

Yeah, it’s 34 keys a caniſter.