This is not how the % works

I’m writing because it looks like translators aren’t sure how the % symbol works.
But jokes aside, while playing the game (with Polish translation) I saw that the difficulty level, which is shown when you pause the mission, has doubled percent symbol. At first I’ve ignored it, but it started to annoy me.
To check if that issue only occurs in that language, I’ve changed it to English and French. Suprisingly, English translation doesn’t have this problem, but French has even more doubled symbols.
I’m not going to check more languages, and I don’t know how to use translator properly, so I’m asking game translators to repair that thing, if there is one in their native language.
Thanks in advance!

This is because previously the % needed to be part of the translation, but now it’s taken care of the game internally (and hence should NOT appear in the translation). I should have deleted the phrases, but I didn’t want to discard all the work. I’ll try to fix them manually.


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