This is getting annoying

Screenshot 2022-01-18 112217
Another guy who dares continuously that my team discovered


in v100 you can get out of the league (so no more problems)


So when v100 comeout


I suggest adding another point to forum rules: if you are getting attacked in league and you don’t like that, either get good or get out of league competition. Why are you all being angry to dares whenever you receive them but totally ok with sending dares to others? It doesn’t work like that.


don’t defy the mighty one

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lord galbatorix consumes all

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skill issue


trolling too hard lmfao


I do tons of dares daily, hehe

He dared me first time and i win. But he still dares me continue :slightly_smiling_face:

I see no problem at all. What is the big deal? just ignore the dare.

In my opinion the most normal thing is to ask for revenge.

And a piece of advice to those who need to win the League so badly: You can create a second account and dare yourself. You’ll farm points for no time.

Just to clarify my intention is not to make someone cheat, but to show that there is no point in being angry about this competition. I always participate in it with great desire, but I am not interested in the ranking.

That’s an exploit. You can get banned for it.

Well there is plenty of people to play with on the league. I don’t need to dare you guys if you really don’t like it. But I don’t even really know who exectly you refer to as your team.


Just ignore?? A people often dare me, how to ignore?? Many people dare me, how to ignore ??

I don’t want to go on top in League Rank. If you ask me why am i said that but i’m still in high rank, the answer is i have been dared from many people many times and i won those dares

Decline button exists

My team is group I am managing

You can only decline 1 time. if you want to decline another dare, you have to accept a dare. That makes me waste my time

Surrender maybe, low league points = low dares

I am asking for their CIU nicknames. If I don’t know how you guys are called I have no clue who should I avoid when daring people on the league xD

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