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Rather than make a new topic for every such idea, maybe just one ongoing thread. I’ll update it often enough, promise.

Before I asked “since the egg cannon is seen leaving with the mother hen ship coming out of it, did it spawn it? The egg cannon is seen spawning eggshells with plasma, and the mother hen ship is this but with wiring and a yolk like the yolk star. Can the egg cannon spawn frankensteins of other final bosses?”
Your thoughts on that

Other idea: A lot of people must think the Mysterious Egg is a disguised Mother Hen Ship, right? Same size, similar attacks. But I roll you this: it’s an auto pilot test ship designed to see if upgrading the MHS is possible, perhaps via the Egg Cannon.

In CI2 and CI3, MHS doesn’t spin. In CI4, MHS spins controlledly like piloting a regular ship.
But the Mysterious Egg wobbles around inanely to the point it would dizzy or hit everyone inside (forces in space aside).

So I don’t think it’s controlled by the same force necessarily, unless the MHS is a robot to begin with until CI4’s “clone version”. I think it’s safer to say that the ME is testing how rotation works including to its limits, to allow the MHS to be upgraded to allow rotating in its movements and thus move faster.

This would also explain why it’s found in comet areas; it’s using them as target practice to dodge around and is a hidden, inaccessible region good for secret tests.


CIU is a bunch of astronauts on meth


Here’s another one; why are other ‘regional’ bosses found where they are?

-UCO 4: it generated or is clearing the meteorite storm (asteroid storm in CIU)

-InfiniChicks: likewise with feathers, because their force field may be able to beam them around

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The mysterious ship is probably designed and built by the Henpire but it went haywire and now it’s on rouge, killing anything in its path.

Now it’s getting pushed away by streams of comets

that doesn’t explain double team though, they probably found a way to control it somehow.


The apple core is the remnants of the Bossa Nova (somehow)

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After the Battle of Yavhen and the destruction of the first Yolk Star:tm: ever assembled by the Henpire, war was declared to the UHF, found responsible for the attack. During the war, chickens invaded several star systems to colonize their planets and take their resources, but the UHF still stands.


After that the hero went to the space burger headquarters to order his number 9s. (before things went wrong obviously).


“I just can’t catch a break, man”

(stares from Hen Solo)
“I’m a chicken”

After the death of the Original Hero (the one we played in the episodes), the Henpire launched an attack so big that humanity couldn’t stop it.
This is why there is no solar system in Universe: it got erased from existence.


How come the whole world depends on a random guy trying to buy his BTS meal :skull:

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He shall buy KFC meal.

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I still stand by my UHF VR training simulation theory. It just makes too much sense with why we are allowed to buy extra lives, to play the same missions as other recruits and fight the same bosses that were already killed by the hero from episodes. Also explains why the tech is pretty much exactly the same as 100 years earlier by the game time.


One world. Now there are many worlds so more spaceships are needed.

And I wouldn’t say the hero in CI1-5 is a random. Nor their partner in 1-2.

All the weapons got reworked so it’s not really that true

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Here is another
After the occurrence of CI5, all the forces and bosses of each game have been survived in their own way, and after meeting each other again (I mean the bosses and forces of each game), they enter into a war until, the henperor arrives with a ship, that is a huge factory for new chickens. Then she makes peace between the forces and bosses of each game and then reorganize the mess into the first galactic henpire, then the UHF finds out and sets up hero academies across the galaxy to protect the galaxy from the chickens and this is the story behind CIU or how it relates to the series of games
In my opinion

Emperor was planning to destroy the earth before egg cannon, but egg cannon destroys their weapon (death star that we saw in ci4 first intro) and they enter in a war. Then eggcannon and his gang defeats them but the only one who survives is the henperor’s apprentice, then after hero destroys eggcannon the apprentice joins the henterprise

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I mean, yeah it was an upgrade for them but they didn’t change that much.

The evolution convergence theory happens when a type of physiology is so effective in it’s survival that other species will try to mimic (ex: Crabs and pseudo crabs)
Applying this to CI, the chicken is also “effective” as space faring civilization. The chicken breeds
could be considered Pseudo-chickens, if they diverged too much , but became more chicken. This could happen because of only 2 causes: Or The evolution path they took couldn’t survive space (Very rare) Or Chickens are r*cists.

But it’s just a Theory, A Chicken Theory.

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It’s quite incredible to think how CI series has such development in its lore as so we have:
-A serious music track
-Multiple non-chicken alien species aiding chickens, or fighting chickens and us at once
-Humanity’s Greatest Fan (!!)
-Epsilon Thalassus, Gamma Pthlon, and Eta Astropelecae
-Multiple times of chickens and developed tech on both human and chicken parts
-An eternally irritated narrator
-The Academies
-Whoever Hen Solo is
-Exploring foreign galaxies of unknown origins

Not something you’d expect from a series that started out parodying Star Trek and/or Space Invaders, while also being dryly comedic, but fleshed out into its own thing quite quickly.

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Klaus chickens are just humble boys who just want to be alone at their home doing some experiment with their potions but got drafted into battle

Dr Beaker is probably just trying out his potions on you (you are the test subject)

Chillers, toxics and Phoenixes are probably dr beaker’s creation.