The Yolk-Star finally got its proper revenge

Man, The Yolk-Star is the hardest of the bosses I faced so far. I do play on seasoned skill level, so yeah, not that high difficulty, but even on these easier difficulties Yolk-Star is pain in the ass. On hardest difficulties it might be topped by UCO or other fast Chicken bosses, but on medium difficulty it rules and is super annoying with chickens spawning from all corners, flying at you while you try to dodge laser beams. God dammit there is probably zero try on it where I would not die or not have to use phase-out to avoid the chickens.

Yolk-Star in my opinion should either be kept for Elite missions exclusively the way it is now, or be a little bit tweaked to be more forgiving in medium missions. And from threads I am seeing now next to this post I’m typing in there are more people like me who have issues with the big ol’ Yolkie. Gotta say, it is still considerably the hardest final boss from the franchise, if we don’t count over-the-top Boss Chicken from CI1 late waves

I play on Veteran and the hard daily challenge is a pain to me

Well my friend, it gets worse at higher difficulties when there are 7 lasers and dangerous breeds like the Armored chicken, cowards, toxic and chickenauts can spawn. I can handle a 7 laser yolk star with normal chickens but yolk star with chickenauts or cowards, that’s horrifying.

That being said, you can somewhat alleviate this problem by using my advice:

  1. The lasers have a conical hitbox, and they spread out, the further they go. So when there aren’t any chickens around, try to stick close to the yolk star but avoid crashing in the same time.

  2. The chickens spawn at 25%, 50% and 75% progress of the yolk star’s destruction. Keep in mind though that chickens have been known to spawn earlier than expected i.e at 24%, so remember to be extra alert when you’re about to reach those percentages.

  3. Barbequers can disable the lasers, try to make use them when you’re in a sticky situation. They can also remove projectiles and toxic chicken clouds.

  4. Try using ships with smaller hitboxes like the M404-PI or the HC-101. Here’s a list of the spaceship hitbox size:

    (Credit goes to @EmeraldBirb)

  5. Avoid taking unnecessary risks when attacking the Yolk itself unless it is the space race.

Of course the best tip I can give to you is to practice fighting this boss, once you have enough experience with it, you’ll decrease your casualty rate. Personally I like the Yolk star for the most part except when RNG hates me by trapping me with lasers and a mini-boss breed like a Chickenaut.

Good luck Doomestos, may the forks be with you when defeating the Cluck Side!

Dude cowards don’t even hit at you when is a terminator

That doesn’t mean they’re not a threat. They can be a threat because they attack you whenever you hit them, and the waste always targets you directly.

Bombers isn’t very recommended for multi hard yolk stars due to it has a slow speed

Would rather see the other two “big” bosses (Henterprise & Egg Cannon) boosted to match, tbh. Then maybe if it’s two hard all three could get a universal stat tweak to be a bit easier.


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