The topic re-opening topic 🔒

This topic is to provide a easy way for people to ask about opening a topic. The auto-topic-lock is good for bump extinction, however many topics could have good reasons to be continued, and some already had to have a second version. I’d say topic spam is worse than bump spam, so here is this topic. Leave your reply with a topic link, and also best with a reason to open it. Opening a topic just because will be useless. This operation also needs the help of @InterAction_studios themselves, as they only wield the power of opening topics. If this topic is liked by IA (Thank you if so), that means that they will try to engage in this topic opening project.
That being said I do not currently have an idea for opening a topic, but if we find one, remember one or even use the feature that shows similar topics to yours (Look at those!), this topic will be surely useful.

If this topic gets closed itself… uh…


Isn’t it just easier to message IA about unlocking the topic?

Of course not. If you post it here,they could also see how many people agree to unlock the thread. If you send them a private message,they won’t exactly know if people want that.

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But why should people decide about it? You write to IA with a response that you wanted to post and it’s only their decision to unlock it or not. Some of the users can agree and some can disagree - what to do when that happens?

IA can decide depending on the replies.

So that IA knows whether or not people are still interested in the topic,of course…

iA rather would have other users think about it before opening it


Let’s see comunity opinions about this topic

  • This topic is useful
  • This topic isn’t useful
  • I don’t care about

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