The Record (almanac)

Hello chicken hunters, I’ve come here with a new idea.

The Record (A.K.A. the almanac) will help you record enemy information, and weapon info.
the info works is similar to terraria’s bestiary, it would work like this:


1 kill: name and attacks
50 kills: strenght and weakness
250 kills: diff it appears and hp multiplier

it would have 3 levels, but weapons will have something like this

Ion Blaster

damage type: Energy (dmg type also have a entry on the Record, telling you which weapons do that and what enemies are weak / strong)
damage: insert spread sheet line here
pattern and special things: gifs of how the weapon works

it could cost keys to unlock the weapon info, or not.
Bosses would need 1, 5 or 10 kills to know this info.

I want this to be implemented bc most new players don’t even know that dmg types exist.
(i think there are only Bio, energy and metal dmg), and an almanac would help most players understand what they are facing.

This is…
  • A good idea
  • A bad idea

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Have a eggcelent day!

There’s still that Chickopedia thing that has been planned to be added for a while


That’s only half of them.
There’s fire(ion is fire, not energy), nuclear, metal, electric, special and bio.
This is a fine idea, but already planned.


thanks for letting me know, but i also added some other ideas as “get x kills for certain info”

Also Flavor text would come with the name, flavor text makes games mor funny, and spin-offs don’t need to worry about lore-

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