The RAID system

raids will occur all the time from the black hole will fly the ship as the main boss and will charge your attack on any planet or the sun

it will charge a certain amount of time but it can be attacked and destroyed

the difficulty level will be the most difficult. if you do not have time to system end

if you destroy the sun and the planet from the explosion destroyed. but then there will be a little star

then the star will grow and turn into sun out of the sun will come out the dust will turn into the planet and restore the destruction of the system threatens that you will not be able to fly somewhere for the RAID is given a reward of approximately 70 or 50 keys
the system will be long to come back 3 days


I swear to god that I remember someone posted nearly the same idea.

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:thinking::thinking::thinking: that

I saw it not like this where there is no

I had the idea of raiding the final bosses together with other players, though it didn’t really look much like this.

I can swear I saw it before too. But I am not sure is that same…

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