The problem help people to bully each other

So anyway, the decline system is having a hole in its operation. You see, everytime you decline a dare, you have to accept another dare in order to decline again, this includes you daring other players. So if a bully (like me) want to bully people and someone want to punish me like VerAbstraction, i can just decline his dare and continue to bully other people by daring them, which reset the decline system AND increase the bully’s rank. So i think that this should be fixed by making the decline system to only accept the dare that the bully GET so i will get punished by a literal pumpkin (unless the bully has support but it is pretty unlikely since both of the bully needs to be in the same rank and people don’t like bully in general ofc). The reason why i’m writing this is to get the idea medel make the game more balance and i don’t want people to kill me because i’m bullying them




There should be a long cooldown until you can dare the same person again
Also, league is not playable right now because we get no rewards out of it
I.A should fix this and encourage players to play fairly instead of bullying

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Accept my dare you chicken.


We tend to have a custom involves daring each other 0% to get a free decline, you can ask people around your rank to do that to minimize the points needed for a decline

Rank is only affected once a dare has been done, whether it expires or both finishes it. How would you know the darer is better than the dared?

You meant the decline would only work with a person who dares oftenly?

Chill bro, it’s just a game
Both of you can share a medal, right?

I just want him to accept my dare as a revenge for those he bullied, the medal is not a problem. For some reason he thinks I can play good even though I haven’t played seriously for a long time.

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Ok then please solve this issue peacefully

1: Ok idk that custom
2: If you want to know who is the bully just look at their rank, they tend to dare a lot and mostly they just win, ik this doesn’t sound like bullying but just look at the discord. I bully a cat by daring him and make him lost 4 league point even tho i can just leave them alone
3: What i mean is that they can only decline the next dare if the previous one isn’t sent by them

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I heard Catty said you have never lost a dare so i need to be careful. Either way what do you think about this (this is not the only reason i created this topic you know, just want to fix the rank) ?

Basically making league reward for each season or getting things like ship or keys when reaching a specific point or sth

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First, it wasn’t Catty, it was Enhawk. Second, I lost dares. I think Kylo can confirm this. Just make it impossible to decline two dares from the same person in a row and that might be enough.


hmm good idea

I can’t believe people are seriously causing drama for a virtual medal in a virtual online game.


Because we have free time, this is just a tip of the iceberg tbh


did i say that?


hes an owl xD

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