The off-topic discussion

@qbus371, if you are to delete the discussion posts on CI memes, then here’s a topic.
What does deleting old replies achieve?
Just because you delete any replies “Because they can lead to more” doesn’t make it right. You’re just banning replies outright no matter how you say it.
Chat is ok to discourage, but if someone makes a meme “Chickenauts at 3AM looking for B E A N S” and someone replies “Don’t call chickenaut at 3AM challange! [LOST ALL LIVES] [NOT CLICKBAIT]” would that count off-off-topic? Or any other reply? “Not laugh, didn’t funny”?
I understand if you make a topic, you should be the person to dictate what the topic is about and it’s focus, but you can’t bend the rules just because something doesn’t fit your vision for the topic. As in, if I made a idea topic where I asked people to leave suggestions about the attacks, but people instead criticised the design, well what can I do. Not what I intended, but it is fair and within the rules. I cannot dictate what each category is about myself, unless someone really goes off-topic. (For example an art contest and someone starts rambling about their favorite CI game). Replies about the content in the topics themselves aren’t off-off-topic in my opinion.

But that’s just me.

EDIT: “Forum is not a social platform.” It really depends. A lot of discussion boards have their own off-topic categories, just like most Discord servers. Even a server about some mobile game has 3 off-topic channels. This of course, is for the owners to decide. And since IA added the off-topic category in the way that they did, they clearly allow for off-topic content.
I mean imagine the forums without it. Almost dead, though perhaps that’s not the point. Again though, IA allows it and I think (aside from some bad behaviour) it makes the community stronger.


Thank you,for maintaining one last squeak of good sense on the forum.

And what would that be?

Well, hard-and-faſt rules are few and far between, ſo I gueſs that might technically be true, but it’s worth noting the following paſſages from the FAQ page:

“Be respectful of the topics and the people discussing them, even if you disagree with some of what is being said.”

“Discourse provides tools that enable the community to collectively identify the best (and worst) contributions: bookmarks, likes, flags, replies, edits, and so forth. Use these tools to improve your own experience, and everyone else’s, too.
Let’s leave our community better than we found it.”


If it’s also about flagging very old posts, I’m in.

Do we have Chicken Invaders subreddit?

My post was recently flagged (within Chicken Invaders Memes topic) and removed and that was on last May.


Ahh this brings up so much memories when everyone used to fight in our topic before it closed.

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Please return !

dam @qbus371 im replying to to you then flag appear:

This gets me a Vietnam flashback

release when?

oh no

We are busy developing amazing games and expansion packs.

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Unironically PvZ: BFA looks really good

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:running_man:> HELP :dagger::jack_o_lantern:

Isn’t it possible for you people to have a normal discussion once in a while?

Probably not because we have nothing to discuss right now.

Yes, but you shouldn’t fill an important topic with random memes and post.

Now you made an off-topic post about going off-off-topic go off-topic…


You betray me!

You angry me!


This topic is cursed: it always display me 2 unread posts.