The new ship BX-10

I have an idea
She is like next

  1. Make a vehicle called BX-10, and the highest strength of this vehicle is 20, and it is black after purchasing it
    The maximum satellites are 6 and their price is 5000 keys + license = 10000
    I hope you like my idea
    Thank you

pounds ?
I think you mean keys .
Maybe 4563 keys be good .

yes i mean keys

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We already had 4 bomber ships in the past and one had to kick the bucket so they would be easier to balance. Don’t think IA would just bring that back.


ive been thinking about this

I want a new vehicle with more power, this will be very, very good

No…no,it absolutely won’t be.


what ?

If we build a new vehicle that has more and better power, this will be a very, very beautiful thing

It’s like the BX-9, this vehicle will be much better than it

Aren’t you aware that more power equals more slowness? Imagine how much players would suffer driving a BX-10.

i know

Use edit button pls, kthx.
It being more powerful doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

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I know that the power increases the slowdown, but this is a higher degree of destruction, which is good for destroying a monster in less than a second

But the BX-9 is very heavy, and this will also be heavy, and it will be called BX-10, the new version of the vehicle

But it being overpoowered may cover the slowness disadvantage but that still sounds unhinged.

i like your idea i want to new ship

thank you

Again, change it to ‘‘Single Choice’’.

Well yes I am still against why they make multiple choice but a reminder that you can still vote one option.