The new idea : Making chicken invaders 3, 4 ,5 Nowruz edition

Hello . I came back with a new idea. Making chicken invaders 3 4 5 with Nowruz edition (New Year AH). (Honestly, I myself am not very happy with this idea, but I said yes, but well. I like to leave this as an idea.) Nowruz is a glorious celebration in Iran and other Muslim countries, which means the beginning of the new year. We know that it will take place on March 20. But in the leap year, which happens every 4 years. And March instead of 29 days. It has 30 days. And I said this is a very beautiful and glorious national holiday. Make a chicken invaders 3, 4, 5 with Nowruz edition. (If IA does not know anything about Nowruz, do a Google search for nowruz to find out.)

If you like, answer the poll.

If you like it, how much better! On March 20 or close to this day, which is Nowruz. CIU can be added in eternity! (Like Easter and Christmas!)

What did you think of this idea?
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Good idea, but I don’t think he would make more editions for the episodes, and just focus on CIU


Then why did you suggest it
That makes 0 sense to me


some other people might like it


Please! I wanted to have a Nowruz edition. When the 4th and 5th versions were released, Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving were added! While they never (except Christmas and Easter) came to the CIU. Iran is a vast and good country! But the country has nonsense! We had to get the CIU game dns to use the filter breaker! (Because it is a filter game!) I want people in the world to know Iran and know a lot about Nowruz! You will hold this celebration on March 20 next year and see how much bag it has! In the ceremony: There is a table called Haftsin table which is north: vinegar _ apple _ coin _ sumac_semno_ green (pictured below) _ elm _ mirror _ candle _ Quran and colored eggs. (You can use Easter eggs.) Next year delivery time is 00:00 in the morning and 57 minutes to the horizon of Tehran. Celebrate Nowruz by checking the Iranian clock anywhere in the world. I want it to be Nowruz as well


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If that were a case, IA would basically asked to do one edition for every traditional holiday that exist on every culture. And where is the Boca Juniors Edition?






what does it mean ?

I did suggest an event for Ramadan and ia didn’t care so why he would care about this
I don’t even know about this Xd

So when will there be no events one day in the year?

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