The New Henpire: A Chicken Invaders Story

Chapter 1: Welcome to the future!

12:00PM, August 10th 2150 
M-404-PI “Upsilon Class Fighter Mk 28”

Hello everyone, I’m Recruit #750.

I’m currently stationed at the Cyclopes star system in a defensive task force unit consisting of 85 other ships, 42 H&C’s, 28 Mullers and 15 heavy bombers in anticipation of an impending chicken invasion.

“Recruits, we have identified over 60000 chickens with over 25000 Mini-Boss level chickens as well as 80 U.C.O. Type III’s. Be sure to cover the bombers and May the Forks be with you all!”

This was certainly going to be a large battle, so I picked the Laser Cannon for its destructive capabilities. I then took position orbiting Phi Cyclopes and waited for the impending attack…

“Alert! Henpire forces have been spotted! Direction of attack -30o from Homados system”

Random Recruit: Look who’s here, the ahem…. legendary son of Recruit #75.

Shut up and focus on the chickens, will ya?

Yep, I’m indeed the son of Recruit #75, You’ve probably heard of him, haven’t you? I decided to follow my father’s footsteps and so I joined the UHF. Unfortunately, this means that I have quite a lot to live up to… Two years ago on October 15th, I got his M-404-PI as my 18th Birthday gift, a birthday present, I’ll never forget…

Although I had achieved Tier 24, having completed a few dozen missions, I was still a little scared due to the sheer size of the invading army.

The chickens arrived, thousands of them. Our defense unit split up into 5 squadrons. The main squadron (Alpha) consisting of all the bombers in the defense unit as well as a dozen H&C’s as escort met the invading army head on while two other squadrons (Beta) and (Gamma), consisting of 7 and 8 Mullers respectively with myself included in Gamma Squadron, went to the sides of the Henpire forces to flank them. The two remaining squadrons (Broadblock) and (Sentinel), consisting of 7 Mullers and 15 H&C’s in each squadron patrolled the system for stragglers.

Alpha Squadron Leader: H&C’s protect the bombers! Bombers, go for the Mini-bosses! Be careful everyone, this is gonna be rough!

Random Gamma Squadron Pilot: Get those Chickenauts…

Copy that.

I blasted my laser on Overdrive, aiming at the chickenauts in the “Chickenaut Quartret” formation. One by one, I took em out but it was clear that I needed help for this, there’s too many of them!

I need a helping hand! Can anyone help me fight em?

Green bolts flew everywhere, I was losing track of how many there were and then….


Noo! I’ve lost my front-right pod, I’ve lost ¼ of all power of my ship, my shots were significantly less powerful.

Then, I heard an explosion. A Muller along with three H&C’s and a BX got destroyed by enemy fire. Then, more explosions followed.

Random Pilot: Help! They’re on my si…AAAGH!


Although I had slain over a dozen chickenauts and over 50 chickens, it was becoming clearer and clearer that the tide of battle was turning against us…

Gamma squadron to Alpha Squadron, what’s going on?

Random Alpha Squadron Pilot: We’ve lost our leader… we’re taking heavy casualties… over half of the squad is down! The U.C.O.’s are ramming our ships left and right!

Breathes heavily, oh my goodness! We need to retreat!

Gamma Squadron Leader: Neh, I’ve been through worse stuff son, keep going!

But this is clearly not going well for us!

Gamma Squadron Leader: No buts! Just push on the atta…


Gamma Squadron Leader: Look at what you’ve done ya imbecile! I lost my whole left wing because of you!

Damn, what a grouch!

I had no choice but to push on, even as other pilots got killed. I blasted my Laser Cannon, trying to destroy the U.C.O’s.

AAAAAH, It’s gonna ram me!!

I tried my best to get out of its way but the ship’s computers calculated that I wouldn’t make it…


Random Beta Squadron Pilot: I got ya covered!

Thanks! We really ought to retreat tho…

Beta Squadron Leader: All pilots, fall back!

“Recruits, we’ve called in for reinforcements, help is coming, stay alive until then”

Thankfully, so as we’re getting wrecked!

Random Alpha Squadron Pilot: Let’s link up with Broadblock and Sentinel!

Random Sentinel Squadron Pilot: We’ll cover ya!


I and many other pilots were on a mad rush to get to squadrons Broadblock and Sentinel, a few of us got picked off by U.C.O lasers but I managed to get to the Cyclopes Campus. The place was defended by several automated turrets surrounding the campus. Thank you…whoever added those turrets!

We formed a defensive perimeter around the campus and braced for the chicken attack…

Before, I had 85 other pilots which made me feel…… somewhat…… confident in fighting over 85000 chickens, but now, I only had 26 other ships and the Henpire’s forces at Cyclopes still numbered over 50000. We would need some serious backup here if we wanted to survive…

Chapter 2: The Siege of Cyclopes

The second wave came, being led by the U.C.O’s, their lasers struck the Cyclopes Campus multiple times but thankfully, its shields were tanking those hits. The turrets spewed out red bullets in every direction, somehow these bullets phased through us like every weapon of ours so we didn’t need to worry about friendly fire, sadly these turrets didn’t make as big of as impact as we’d hoped, barely taking down a couple of U.C.O’s and some chickens.

Random Broadblock Pilot: I need help over here!

Random Alpha Squadron Pilot: There’s too many of the…


Beta Squadron Leader: Where are the reinforcements!

Gamma Squadron Leader: Give em everythin we’ve got!

Random Gamma Squadron Pilot: But sir, we’re severely outgunned and outnumbered, we can’t risk a head-on attack, we must keep the formation.

Gamma Squadron Leader: Absolver Beam users, use your beams to eliminate enemy projectiles.

Random Gamma Squadron Pilot: But sir, no one’s using tha…

Gamma Squadron Leader: ENOUGH WITH THE BUTS!! Charge em! Attack em like there’s no tomorrow!

Not only was the Gamma Squadron leader a hardass, he was also incompetent…

Random Gamma Squadron Pilot: I vote to demote Recruit #188!

Another Gamma Squadron Pilot: I vote as well

Gamma Squadron Pilots: We all vote to demote Recruit #188!

Thank god the other pilots saw how ill-suited he was to be our leader.


In our voting process, the chickens had overwhelmed the shields of the Cyclopes Campus, the lasers were now directly damaging the campus itself, the turrets were no match for the invading army, and there were too few of us to be able to stop its destruction, we about to suggest scattering our forces to the nearby star systems when…

“Recruits, reinforments are only a few minutes away”

Even though it was a very short about of time in the grand scheme of things, for me, it felt like hours trying to keep myself alive till then, the entire Sentinel Squadron was lost and now we only had a dozen ships left, none of the bombers made it…

I tried dodging eggs, green bolts, red lasers and such, it was excrutiatingly difficult dodging all of the…


My rear left pod was down as well, my ship was now only half as powerful as before, my Laser Cannon took twice as long killing chickens and my ship was being really sluggish and unstable,it rattled considerably and I was more scared than ever of the ship falling apart…


Chapter 3: Reinforcements!

There was a bright flash and then the flash faded, and then I saw a massive battleship, at least 1000 meters long. But this ship didn’t look like it was made by the chicke….


The ship fired a huge blast of energy, similar to that of the Absolver Beam, but MUCH MUCH larger. The blast took out several U.C.O’s and a whole lotta chickens

Random Broadblock Squadron Pilot: WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED!

“Recruits, we’ve deployed our very first Liberator Class Cruiser. Meet the UHFS Liberator!”

Random Beta Squadron Pilot: L…L…Liberator??

UHFS Liberator: Get in the hangar, we’ll provide cover fire.

Random Beta Squadron Pilot: C…can we trust t…t…them?

Beta Squadron Leader: Considering the UHF announced the deployment of the UHFS Liberator to us, and the fact that the Liberator clearly opened fire on the chickens, we can trust them.

I was a little sceptical of the Liberator, considering its sudden debu…


A green bolt took out an H&C, and I saw a huge ammassing of chicken forces, they were pushing staright towards us and there were WAY TOO MANY for the surviving Cyclopes defenders to fight them off. I took a deep breath and made a choice…The choice to trust the UHFS Liberator and encourage others to do so…


More ships arrived, Mullers, BX’s and H&C’s. They were indeed UHF!

We rushed straight to the Liberator, whilst its numerous cannons fired weapons resembeling the Ion Blaster, Neutron Gun, Plasma Rifle and Riddler, holding off the Henpire’s forces and killing dozens of chickens in seconds.

Recruit #188: Couldn’t ya have arrived earlier?

UHFS Liberator: Apologies for not arriving sooner Recruit #188, our Warp engine suffers a limitation where it’s not as fast as the Warp engines of fighters. The UHF’s working on it though…

Random Alpha Squadron Pilot: The U.C.O’s are making an attack wave and are heading straight for the Liberator!

UHFS Liberator: We have this!

The Liberator turned towards the U.C.O’s. For something that massive, the ship turned surprisingly fast, turning over 133o in just over 6 seconds. Then it blasted another huge burst of energy, and it destroyed nearly a dozen U.C.O’s. The ship’s cannons tore the chickens apart, but it only served to draw in more of them.

UHFS Liberator: Clear the area! We’re about to launch a Proximity Torpedo

Random Beta Squadron Pilot: A.……. p…p…proximity Torpedo!?

UHFS Liberator: It explodes when detecting a sufficient number of enemies, the explosion is dangerous to UHF spacecraft as well so everyone! Get in the hangar NOW!

Copy that!

The pilots panicked and rushed madly to the hangars


Random Beta Squadron Pilot: WE LOST OUR LEADER!

NOOOOO! We lost a good man.

I’m not going to lie here, I wished that it was Recruit #188 who took the hit instead of the Beta Squadron Leader.

UHFS Liberator: Opening Hangar Doors in 3…2…1…OPEN!!

The hangar doors opened, they were on the starboard side of the ship. We were greeted by a light-blue glow and we rushed inside it.

We were greeted by humanoid figures in protective gear as they tried to signal something…

UHFS Liberator: Closing Hangar Doors in 3…2…1….CLOSE!

Chapter 4: Friends!

Then, the gigantic hangar doors closed and the hangar room was repressurized.

UHFS Liberator: It’s now safe to leave your spacecraft pilots.

I got out of my Muller and the hangar crew helped me out. I then took a look at the other ships and from the Cyclopes Task Force and I was horrified to see that ONLY EIGHT ships were left INCLUDING MYSELF! EIGHT…. OUT OF 86!

I stood there, shell-shocked by the sheer number of casualties that our forces suffered.

My sorrow quickly turned to anger as I realized who was responsible for the deaths of nearly all the members in my squadron, Recruit #188. I decided to confront him even though he was a well built man with an intimidating beard and sizeable figure.

Recruit #188! Your actions have led to the loss of NEARLY THE ENTIRE Gamma squadron!! YOU NEVER RESPECTED YOUR SQUADMATES! YOU ARE THE WORS…

Recruit #188: QUIET!!

The word echoed around the room multiple times and everyone heard it, even the deaf…



Recruit #188: You call those a barrage? That’s nothing compared to what I’ve been through!

What did you even go through that makes this mission seem so insignificant?

Random Gamma Squadron Pilot: There’s more to being a squadron leader than pure skill

Recruit #188: You think that you’re gonna be the ones who’ll teach me? Guess what, you’re wron…

Random Voice: ENOUGH!!

The hangar crew stepped in to seperate us from Recruit #188. I then returned back to meet up with the survivors of the Cyclopes Defense Unit. Most of us were quite traumatized to see such massive losses to our forces.

Recruit #40328 also known as Stuart Cotton from the Broadblock Squadron was a fresh-faced young boy who very recently joined the UHF at 18. At Tier 4, this was his sixth mission. Needless to say, he can barely speak right now due to all of the shock.

Recruit #10389 also known as Ben Decim from the Beta Squadron was a tall yet skinny guy whose ability to crunch numbers, make calculations and code stuff was far ahead of his peers. His piloting skills weren’t something to scoff at either, having survived several close encounters.

Recruit #9420 also known Betty Cluckers as from the Gamma Squadron was a somewhat distant friend of mine. She was an extrovert at heart and a decent pilot.

Recruit #7300 also known as Richester Colt from the Alpha Squadron was a handsome blonde man. Despite his looks, he was well natured and a genuinely nice person.

Recruit #16265 also known as Shinatu Tekoshu from the Beta Squadron was a rather short asian guy. At 30, he was one of the older pilots and that experience really showed. He was an expert pilot with incredible skill and yet, he wasn’t nearly as harsh as Recruit #188.

Recruit #9000 also known as Galter III, yeah that’s his real name was from the Broadblock Squadron.
He was… edgy to say the least. He dyed his hair green and he knew quite possibly, ALL of the popular memes that were circulating around in the internet and he even knew about some very obscure ones as well.

We moved to the Liberator’s main meeting hall, it has all of the latest in millitary gadgets, holograms and more…

The crewmembers greeted us with warmth and empathy. They escorted us to the ship’s main movie theatre.

Random UHFS Liberator Crewmember: Which movie would you like to watch?

Along with Richester and Stuart, I voted for Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side. Betty and Ben voted for Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk. Shinatu voted for Space Battleship Yamato 2199. Galter preferred video games over movies and so he went to the arcade room.

Theater Announcement Voice: The guests have chosen “Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side”!

As iconic as the Yolk Star was, I really preferred the planetary sequences where the Authentic Hero had some REALLY close calls with tentacles, eggs and boulders, wait did I really say tentacles, eggs and boulders in one sentence?

I’ve watched CI5 before but watching it with my new friends on a theatre was a dozen times more fun!

Stuart: WOAH!! Those tentacles are HUGE!

Gatler III: That’s a lotta Calamari…

Betty: What happened to the poor jellyfish?

Richester: The Henpire put on cybernetics which made the Jellyfish ‘controllable’ by a chick.

Time passed on and the movie ended. We moved out of the theater where the crew escorted us to our rooms.

The rooms smelled like used socks and were quite cramped, only half the size of my bedroom in my home but we were tired so we didn’t mind it as much. Thankfully, we didn’t have to share rooms together so that’s a plus.

I was about to doze off when…


Chapter 5: Henterprise Ambush!


The ship rattled due to the explosion. My newfound friends woke up alarmed and confused.

What’s happening?

Random UHFS Liberator Crewmember: Our engines have been crippled by the laser!

Richester: What Laser?

Random UHFS Liberator Crewmember: The main laser of a Henterprise-Class Battleship. Our turning speed has been greatly reduced, Neon and Void Squadrons have been deployed to fight off the Henterprise. We can’t use the proximity torpedo at such close ranges, it would destroy the Liberator as well.


He rushed to his Muller with visible frustration. Stuart, Betty and Ben were too afraid to go into battle only a few hours after the battle of Cyclopes.

Shinatu and Richester tried to urge our friend group to help Neon and Void fight off the Henterprise. I was a little conflicted as to whether to join the fight or not. My body with its fatigue told me to stay while my heart told me to help out the people who saved me and my friends.

Shinatu gave me a serious look, a really dead serious look and I eventually mustered up the courage to join. Ben and Betty also decided to join me, Richester and Shinatu. We decided to let Stuart and Galter stay in the main ship.

My friends were assigned to a new squadron, the Cyclopes Squadron. Shinatu was voted to be the leader due to his skill and experience.

It was a race to get to the hangar but we managed to get there just in time. The repair crew was almost about to begin repairs on our ships but they moved aside their gear to let us in.

UHFS Liberator: Neon Squadron, focus fire on the dorsal power generator! Void Squadron, focus fire on the Henterprise’s main laser cannon! Cyclopes Squadron, disable the enemy’s engines! May the forks be with you!

Copy that!

UHFS Liberator: Opening Hangar Doors in 3…2…1…OPEN!!

The hangar doors opened and we were given the all clear to launch out of the ship.

I turned around for a few seconds and there it was, facing the Liberator’s starboard side. A battle was already underway with the UHF fighters and bombers taking turns to damage the Henterprise. The Liberator opened fire with its own cannons but so far, the enemy ship still was operating at full efficiency and only taking superficial damage.


Two mullers got caught in a magenta laser blast.

Ben: Try to steer clear of the front as soon as possible, that’s where the weapons are located.

Me, Betty, Richester and Shinatu: Copy that!

With our thrusters at full speed, we closed in on the Henterprise…

Shinatu: Cyclopes Squadron to Void Squadron, can we get some cover?

Void Squadron Leader: Roger that! Void Squadron, redirect attacks towards the secondary lasers!

The fighters and bombers broke off from the main laser, revealing the lack of damage caused to it.


A H&C got obliterated by a laser blast. We knew we had to push on as fast as we could, the more time we spent being on the Henterprise’s front, the greater the chances of more casualties.


Thanks to the concentrated firepower of three BX-9’s, the Henterprise lost one of its 8 secondary laser cannons.

Random Void Squadron Member: Chickens Incoming!

The chickens must’ve thought that the lasers alone would be enough to finish off the 70+ strong attack force. But we proved em wrong. Standard Henperial incompetence…

The chickens came and I blasted them off with my Laser Cannon. Sadly, since the weapon pods were still damaged, my shots were really underpowered.

Ben? Betty? Rich? Shin? 188? Can you cover me? I’m flying wounded

Rich, Ben and Betty: Where are you?

I’ve just gone over the front of the Henterprise. Black Muller with blue accents and engine color.

Ben: A black ship? This is gonna be hard to spot.

Betty: I’ve found it, follow me! Green Muller with rose and white accents!

Richester and Shinatu: We see you Betty! Now lead us to Recruit #750

Recruit #188: Can ya let me catch up, my left wing is gone! All thanks to Recruit #750!

Richester: Can ya cut it out?

Recruit #188: YOU THINK YOU’RE IN CHAR….



UHFS Liberator: Recruit #188, you’ve been reassigned to the Neon Squadron. Your ship can’t catch up with the rest of the Cyclopes Squadron.

Richester: Thank god!

Shinatu: Now catch up with Betty and Recruit #750!

Ben and Richester: Roger that!

For all the chaos in the front of the Henterprise, the dorsal surface had literally no weapons on the dorsal surface.

I was in sight of the engines and was about to open fire on them when…


More chapters coming soon…

Author’s note v2: About the extra lives situation, I made it like real life, in that once you die, you’re dead, forever. And about the Hero’s callsign, he prefers being called Recruit #750, no one knows about his real name, although I may reveal it eventually.

Author’s note v3: Apologies for taking so long in making a new chapter but my mom plays the CI games a lot more frequently than before.

About the storyline itself, I decided to introduce a new class of ships into my universe, since I kinda felt like it 30 years of time would be more than enough for the UHF to start experimenting with larger ship classes. So I decided to introduce the UHFS (United Hero Force Ship) Liberator, the first of these new ships. I know that this choice might cause controversy, so be sure to lemme know what do you think about the UHF wielding large ships of their own.

Author’s note v4: I really…really apologize for the extremely long wait but due to some recent events that I’d rather not recall, I was in a terrible mood. Eventually, I decided to do it for your sake.

I’ve now introduced some new characters to the story. Lemme know what do you think about them.

Also, thank you for the support! I never expected my story to perform this well, as a token of appreciation, I’ll offer you a chance to appear in the story, you can put your recruit no (eg: I’m Recruit #75). The author with the most likes on their comment about their recruit No. will be given a minor role in the story. As always, may the forks be with you!


A really nice story you’ve written there, RCB. I have a few questions about the recruits who died on the battlefield:

  1. Do they bring any extra lives?
  2. If not, can they “revive”?

And a few questions for the protagonist:

  1. Is he a newbie?
  2. What tier and title is he?

You have give a lot of effort of this. Its good.

The story is interesting. Hope you will continue it.

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The interesting story i’ve ever seen. It’s better than Menace.

Sounds interesting, can’t wait for more


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