The most ridiculous questions about CI?!


This topic is for fun. Here you can share a stupid questions about CI release where you saw it. In the forum it has a lot :smiley: But i will start with pretty good one:
‘‘Where can i play chicken invaders 10 paradoxical paradox’’
I saw it somewhere, but i didnt remember where. It was funny as hell.
If you want share some stupid questions like this if you saw it :smiley:


How can I play CI1 in CI7?



Friend after trying ci4: “why the crab is so op!? I had to restart the game eight times!”


Only? That means it’s too eaſy (which I gueſs is ſomething we already knew). Still, the crab waſn’t that hard. Eſpecially the originals.


Well… I have to say that ci4 was his first game of this kind (shoot 'em all)

When I heard that sentence I had to held back the laugths


Did he like the game? Will be new academy recruit or will be locked on the Fortnite land?


He liked it
Now he is grinding for hen solo’s ship